Best crypto marketing agency

Best Crypto Marketing Agency

Looking for a crypto marketing agency? Find out a list of the best ones, their offering and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2024


What is Chainstory?

Chainstory is a results-driven content marketing and PR/communications firm dedicated to crafting and amplifying your brand's narrative within the blockchain and Web3 space.

🌐 Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


What is NinjaPromo?

NinjaPromo is a digital marketing company specializing in brand elevation through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding, and creative design.

🌐 Location: New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vilnius

EAK Digital

What is EAK Digital?

EAK Digital is a creative communication agency that helps blockchain brands increase public awareness and manage relationships.

🌐 Location: London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Umm Al Quwain, Buenos Aires and Istanbul.

Lunar Strategy

What is Lunar Strategy?

Lunar Strategy is a marketing and PR agency focusing on Web3 and blockchain.

🌐 Location: Lisbon, Portugal


What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

🌐 Location: California, United States


What is Coinbound?

Coinbound is a blockchain marketing agency that promotes cryptocurrency, NFT, and Web3 projects using multiple digital marketing strategies.

🌐 Location: New York, United States

Wachsman PR

What is Wachsman?

Wachsman is a global strategic communications agency with a main focus on blockchain, emerging technology, and finance.

🌐 Location: United States, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland

Melrose PR

What is Melrose PR?

Founded in 2012, Melrose PR is one of the oldest public relations agencies in crypto. It aims to help crypto and Web3 companies achieve their communications goals through several service offerings.

🌐 Location: California, United States


What is CryptolandPR?

CryptolandPR is a marketing agency that accelerates businesses and builds brands through connective storytelling and strategic communications.

🌐 Location: London, United Kingdom

What is is a blockchain marketing agency that offers online visibility and growth opportunities through media partnerships with media publications and influencers.

🌐 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our Picks

What is A Crypto Marketing Agency?

In short: A crypto marketing agency specializes in helping crypto businesses with various PR/marketing goals such as PR blitz across online industry related publications, storytelling, native advertising, community building, and other marketing initiatives aimed at KPIs such as brand building, reaching potential customers and building a loyal user base. 

Think of a crypto marketing agency as your business partner to guide and execute your marketing needs. They provide the necessary expertise, strategies, media connections, tools and methods to help your business stand out, reach your target audience and more.

How Do We Rate Crypto Marketing Agencies?

In short: The main core areas that we look at are experience, industry reputation and range of services.

Building your brand and promoting your product in the fast-paced crypto and blockchain space requires a strategic marketing plan. That’s where crypto marketing agencies come in, but wading through countless options can be overwhelming.

We simplify your search. We continuously research, analyze, and evaluate crypto marketing agencies to provide detailed reviews based on these key factors:

  • Track record: How long have they been around? More experience often translates to better results.
  • Portfolio and Clients: Do they work with reputable brands in the industry? Look for case studies showing successful campaigns.
  • Transparency: Are they clear about their services and team? Do they hide behind anonymity? We value blockchain marketing agencies that maintain open lines of communication and clearly articulate their methodologies.

  • Media recognition: Features in major publications or industry awards demonstrate credibility.
  • Community engagement: Look for cryptocurrency marketing agencies that contribute to the blockchain space through content or initiatives.

  • Go beyond the basics: What unique services do they offer? Do they provide a comprehensive marketing strategy or just focus on one aspect?
  • Innovation matters: Look for crypto marketing firms that are pushing boundaries and adapting to the evolving landscape.
  • Client-Centric Approach: The best crypto marketing agencies put their client's needs at the forefront, customizing strategies to meet specific goals and target audiences. A client-centric approach ensures that campaigns are not just creative but also highly targeted and effective.


  • Don’t just settle for anyone. Choose a partner who understands your needs and aligns with your vision.
  • Do your own research. Use our reviews as a starting point, then delve deeper into agencies that pique your interest.


We research thoroughly and base our reviews and ratings on information we find online. If a service provider’s website and online presence fails to reflect how good it is, they should do better.

If you found any misleading information on this website, get in touch and we’ll be happy to look into it.

Best Crypto Marketing Agencies: A Closer Look

In this section we’ll share a brief description about each crypto marketing agency that we decided to feature as a leading service provider. Without further ado, let’s begin. Shall we?


Chainstory Review

Is Chainstory the right crypto marketing and PR partner for you?

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Chainstory has established itself as a results-driven crypto PR and marketing firm, offering a range of editorial services designed to meet various marketing KPIs. The agency’s workforce consists of more than 15 specialists (both in-house and global freelancers) and is dedicated to fulfilling client demands and delivering results.

With a rich journalistic expertise in hand, Chainstory excels particularly in all-things content strategy, messaging and earned media PR, as well as providing a diverse array of content services that include SEO, content marketing, shaping thought leadership reputations and brand credibility.

Chainstory has been around since 2016 and has supported over dozens of crypto businesses in reaching their marketing and communications goals. The company has worked alongside well-known brands such as BIT Exchange, Resonance Security, Trugard, MasterKey, and many more.


Crowdcreate Review

Should You Engage With This Investor and Influencer Growth Marketing Agency?

Based in California, United States, Crowdcreate is a marketing and advisory firm with a focus on cryptocurrency and NFTs. Established by Ivan Kan and Jeffrey Maganis in 2014, this agency is adept in various domains including public relations, crowdfunding, marketing within the crypto and blockchain sectors, as well as extending services for media and investor relations, content marketing, and media publications.

With a dedicated team of over 30 professionals, Crowdcreate has garnered the confidence of prominent international companies, aiding them in a variety of goals such as securing investor financing, increasing sales, creating market excitement, and expanding online communities.

The agency boasts a substantial track record, having successfully completed more than 500 projects. It has played a pivotal role for distinguished clients like The Sandbox, Divine Anarchy, Star Atlas, Valora, Pastel, and Cypherium in creating market excitement, building relationships with key influencers and investors, and nurturing robust online communities.


CryptolandPR Review

Should You Engage With This Marketing Agency?

Cryptoland PR, situated in the UK, serves as a bridge linking companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors with influential personalities, publicists, analysts, bloggers, and progressive thought leaders.

Founded by Katie Olver, Cryptoland PR’s team is known for its analytical prowess, strong industry connections, and commitment to maintaining an objective stance.

With more than four years of specialized expertise in blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency, coupled with over fifteen years of experience in the technology field, the agency is well-versed in the nuances of these industries.

The mission of Cryptoland PR is to bolster the efficacy of communications for entities engaged in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech landscapes.


NinjaPromo Review

Should you engage with this digital marketing agency?

Ninja Promo operates as a social media marketing firm with its headquarters in New York, USA. The agency was founded in 2017 by Slava Kasperovich and Paul Lipen and offers comprehensive social media advertising solutions tailored to help crypto startups capture and interact with their intended audience.

The agency’s core competencies include extensive community management, social media strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), influencer collaborations, email marketing campaigns, as well as video production and marketing services.

Ninja Promo is well-acquainted with the typical challenges and hurdles that crypto ventures encounter when trying to improve their visibility. Their specialized knowledge is instrumental in helping these projects overcome such difficulties.

Boasting a team of over 110 marketing professionals, designers, developers, and more, Ninja Promo has contributed to the success of numerous clients, including notable names like Huobi, Polkadot, Dash, and


Melrose PR Review

Take a complete dive into Melrose PR review.

Since its establishment in 2012, Melrose PR has harnessed the power of strategic storytelling and effective communication to captivate and engage target demographics. Led by Kelley Weaver, this California-based agency provides extensive marketing support to its clients with the help of its team of over 20 professionals.

Specializing in educational outreach, Melrose PR delivers a variety of services aimed at enlightening audiences. Their offerings include marketing for thought leaders, distribution of press releases, insightful commentary, content marketing strategies, video productions, and podcasting. Through the creation of engaging stories and the provision of valuable information, they enable their clients to position themselves as authorities in their field and build a dedicated audience.

Throughout the years, Melrose PR has been instrumental in the expansion and success of prominent brands such as BlockDaemon, Ethereum Classic Labs, Coinmama, and BitBoy Crypto.


Wachsman PR Review

Should You Engage With Wachsman?

Established in 2015, Wachsman is a renowned strategic communications consulting firm based in New York. Wachsman stands out for its proficiency and deep understanding of the blockchain landscape.

They offer various services and solutions tailored to web3 businesses and innovators. As trusted advisors, they provide invaluable guidance to leading blockchain networks, payment gateways, cryptocurrency exchanges, DAOs, DeFi protocols, innovation labs, and other key players in the industry.

The CEO, David Wachsman, and 100+ employees have assisted notable clients like eToro, Cardano, Hedera Hashgraph, Stellar, Chainlink, Cosmos, BlockStack, Dash, and more to achieve tailored marketing objectives.

EAK Digital

EAK Digital Review

This is a comprehensive, neutral review of EAK Digital.

EAK Digital is a global blockchain PR Agency that helps blockchain startups gain extensive media coverage in mainstream and crypto publications.

Established in London by Erhan Korhaliller, EAK Digital boasts a support team of 20+ employees. With their expertise in PR and marketing, EAK Digital creates tailored approaches, crafting customized plans, strategies, and campaigns to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients.

Beyond PR and marketing, the agency also offers a comprehensive range of services, including investor relations and consultancy for traditional businesses aiming to integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

EAK Digital has also expanded its horizons by introducing EAK TV, an audio-visual content platform focusing on blockchain. Featuring influential guests such as Roger Ver, Johnson Chen, Changpeng Zhao, and Silvio Schembri, EAK TV explores the minds of industry leaders, uncovering insights and shaping the future of the blockchain landscape. Review

Should You Engage With This Agency?

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and founded by Alexander Tikhonov, offers services designed to boost visibility of crypto, blockchain, and NFT projects. They assist with Discord promotion, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, and collaborating with influential figures in the crypto community.

By leveraging its extensive network, helps projects forge valuable connections with media companies and publications. In addition, they offer support in basic SEO and content marketing, ensuring that clients’ online presence is optimized for maximum reach. states up front that its services adjust according to each of its clients’ unique needs and marketing KPIs.They offer consultation, guidance, and support, adapting their services to suit specific requirements.

With four years of crypto marketing experience and 50+ employees, the agency has helped over 500 clients, including ApeSwap,, Revolve, Hodl Finance, Dogemoon, Infomatix, and more.

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy Review

Should You Engage With This Marketing Agency?

Lunar Strategy focuses on cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse projects. Thanks to its wide range of flexible marketing solutions, the Lisbon-based company has gained popularity among blockchain companies and notable ventures like PixelPix, JPEGvault, and Dark Frontiers.

With its in-house market research capabilities and diverse service offerings, Lunar Strategy provides tailored and efficient marketing strategies.

CEO Tim Haldorsson and his 15+ employees can help your business to attract visibility by utilizing paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora. They also offer influencer marketing, collaborating with established content creators to promote brand content and engage audiences.

IBC Group

IBC Group Review

Should You Engage With This Agency?

International Blockchain Consulting (IBC) Group is a globally operating blockchain consulting group founded by Mario Nawfal. The marketing agency is based in Dubai, with major offices in the US, Australia, and the UK. It offers comprehensive services such as end-to-end ICO support, enterprise blockchain development, capital raising, consulting, and institutional training.

With a strong track record, its experienced team has provided strategic guidance and assistance to startups, established companies, and institutions, helping them execute long-term strategies in the blockchain space.

Since 2017, the agency has helped 250+ clients achieve significant success. Some of the clients include EnjinStarter, Health Heroes, Bloktopia, Sidus Heroes, Walken, TDx Launchpad, Forward Protocol, Bridge Network, Harmony, Coinweb, and many more.


Coinbound Review

A look into Coinbound's marketing agency

Coinbound is a US-based crypto marketing agency founded by Ty Smith. It specializes in various services, including influencer and thought leader marketing, community setup and management, public relations, Twitter management, search engine optimization (SEO), Web3 blog management, etc.

Coinbound caters to the cryptocurrency, Web3, blockchain, and NFT industries, boasting an extensive network of influencers across social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Established in 2019, Coinbound has successfully assisted numerous crypto brands with social media campaigns. Some notable clients include eToro, ImmutableX, Tron, Cosmos, Metamask, Litecoin Foundation, Gala Games, Crypto Daily, Voyager, etc.


ReBlonde Review

This is a comprehensive, neutral review of ReBlonde.

ReBlonde is a globally recognized tech PR agency. Founded by Motti Peer, Israeli-based ReBlonde caters to crypto startups and enterprises. The company offers a range of services tailored to their clients’ needs.

ReBlonde excels in establishing thought leadership for its clients by publishing articles in relevant outlets. It also leverages its extensive network to facilitate media relations, connecting clients with influential journalists. ReBlonde also helps clients secure speaking opportunities at industry events, increasing clients’ visibility and recognition.

Notable Clients include Celsius Network, Veridium, Viber, Neutrino, Winding Tree, etc.

Understanding the Crypto Marketing Landscape

The crypto marketing landscape is complex, with a rapidly evolving space defined by innovative technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the overarching principles of Web3. These elements are interconnected, shaping how marketing agencies promote projects within the industry.

Blockchain technology remains the foundation. It gives transparency and security, features that a crypto marketing agency emphasizes to build trust among potential investors. With the surge of cryptocurrencies, the importance of specialized marketing strategies has grown, as each crypto project aims to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace.

Agencies focusing on crypto marketing use an array of tactics, including community engagement, influencer partnerships, and targeted content creation to reach a savvy audience. A key aspect of their strategy lies in leveraging the technicalities of the products, such as the advantages of DeFi platforms that offer decentralized banking services.

NFTs add another layer to the marketing mix. These digital assets represent ownership or proof of authenticity of a vast range of items. Marketing agencies tailor their strategies to highlight the unique attributes of NFTs, such as their collectability and their role in disrupting traditional content rights management.

Lastly, the concept of Web3 represents a decentralized version of the internet. Marketing in this space requires agencies to not only be technologically adept but also to craft messages that resonate with an audience value-driven towards ownership and decentralization.

In summary, the crypto marketing landscape demands agencies be at the forefront of technological understanding and able to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively.

What Services Do Top Crypto Marketing Agencies Usually Offer?

Top crypto marketing agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at enhancing the online presence and reputation of cryptocurrency brands. They deploy specialized strategies in public relations, content creation, influencer partnerships, and paid advertising, all underpinned by robust analytics and strategic planning.

Public Relations and Media Outreach
Public Relations and Media Outreach
In the realm of Public Relations (PR) and media outreach, agencies prioritize establishing strong relationships with key media players. They craft compelling press releases and pitch stories that highlight their clients' innovations in the crypto space. Media outreach also includes securing coverage in relevant financial and tech publications to increase brand visibility and credibility.
Content Marketing and SEO
Content Marketing and SEO
Content marketing services are tailored to educate and engage target audiences through high-quality, SEO-optimized content. Agencies create blog posts, whitepapers, and informative articles that provide value while incorporating SEO best practices. This approach helps in improving search engine rankings, thus increasing organic traffic to crypto sites.
Influencer and Social Media Management
Influencer and Social Media Management
These agencies connect brands with influencers in the crypto community for influencer marketing campaigns that amplify reach and trust. Social media management involves curating content, scheduling posts, and interacting with followers on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, ensuring consistent and strategic brand messaging across channels.
Community Management and Engagement
Community Management and Engagement
Effective community management services focus on fostering a loyal and active community around a crypto brand. Agencies moderate discussions, create engaging content, and maintain a vibrant presence on platforms such as Discord and Telegram, which are integral for real-time community engagement.
Paid Advertising and PPC Campaigns
Paid Advertising and PPC Campaigns
Top agencies leverage paid advertising and PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic and conversions. They design and manage ads on a variety of channels, including search engines and social media, ensuring that ad spend is optimized for the highest return on investment.
Analytics and Strategic Marketing
Analytics and Strategic Marketing
Agencies provide analytics services to track the performance of marketing campaigns and provide insights into user behavior. This data informs strategic marketing decisions, allowing for the fine-tuning of tactics to meet KPIs and maximize campaign effectiveness.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Marketing Agency?

Selecting the ideal crypto marketing agency requires a thoughtful approach with various critical aspects. Here’s how to navigate this process effectively:

Assessing Experience and Past Clients

When evaluating an agency’s experience, consider its history and portfolio of past clients. An agency with a rich portfolio of diverse clients will likely have a broad understanding of the crypto market.

This diversity is crucial because it reflects the agency’s ability to adapt to various market phases and execute successful campaigns across different scenarios. Additionally, agencies that have been in the market for a longer time are often equipped with insights into market trends that can be invaluable for strategizing your marketing efforts.

Analyzing Success Stories and Case Studies

Understanding an agency’s ability to deliver results can be significantly enhanced by reviewing its success stories and case studies. These resources offer a window into the agency’s strategic thinking and effectiveness in achieving campaign goals.

Successful case studies should outline the objectives, strategies implemented, challenges faced, and the outcomes achieved. This level of insight can provide a clear indication of the agency’s problem-solving capabilities and its knack for turning strategies into tangible results.

Cost vs Return on Investment Evaluation

The financial aspect of choosing a crypto marketing agency cannot be overlooked. It’s essential to weigh the cost of the services against the potential return on investment. This evaluation should not only focus on the initial price but also consider the transparency and structure of the agency’s pricing.

Understanding all costs upfront helps avoid any surprises down the line and ensures a clear view of the expected value the agency can deliver relative to their fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a crypto marketing agency can bring several benefits. They possess expertise in the crypto industry and understand its unique challenges. They can save time and resources by developing effective marketing strategies. They have a network of influencers and industry connections that can boost brand exposure. Additionally, their experience can help avoid common pitfalls and improve the chances of success in a highly competitive market.

The cost of hiring a crypto marketing agency varies based on several factors, including the scope of work and services required to deliver a project's marketing KPIs, and the agency's reputation and expertise. Some agencies may charge a flat fee, while others may work on a retainer basis or charge per hour. It's best to consult with different agencies and discuss specific project requirements to get an accurate cost estimate.

When choosing a crypto marketing agency, consider factors such as their experience in the crypto industry, their track record with similar projects, the range of services they offer, their understanding of your target audience, their communication and reporting capabilities, and their overall reputation in the industry. It's also advisable to ask for client references and review their portfolio to assess the quality of their work.

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