Wachsman PR Review

Wachsman PR Review

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What is Wachsman?

Wachsman is a global strategic communications agency with a main focus on blockchain, emerging technology, and finance.

🌐 Location: United States, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland

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Over the years Wachsman has managed to garner the trust of an impressive array of clients ranging from media companies, venture capital funds, social networks, consortiums, and financial institutions to some leading digital asset exchanges and non-profits within the blockchain industry.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

The company highlights its dedication to supporting innovation and creativity that helps to make a difference in the world. They claim to embrace the tough challenges when the stakes are high to help clients forge their way toward a bright and successful future. In this article, we’ll look into Wachsman’s firm and its offering.

What we like
  • Offers a variety of services
  • Great client portfolio
  • Demonstrates industry expertise
What we don't like
  • Little information about office locations
  • No case studies

What is Wachsman?

Wachsman is a global strategic communications agency with a main focus on blockchain, emerging technology, and finance.

Founded in 2015 by David Wachsman, the company has since expanded from an office in New York to setting up shop in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Dublin, Geneva, and Singapore.


Let’s have a look at Wachsman’s experience, including its workforce, client base and industry expertise.

The Workforce

When it comes to choosing a blockchain PR agency, you want to be confident in its ability to offer your business the solutions and support it needs to rise to the next level.

This emphasizes the need for tech-savvy employees capable of handling the intricacies of today’s digital business world.

Wachsman has a healthy pool of tech-savvy staff to help with the technical side of things.

The team at Wachsman also comprises content creators, finance experts, media specialists, authors, and designers all of whom provide a holistic approach to business problem-solving.

The Client Base

Since its inception, the company has worked with some of the biggest brands including eToro, CoinDesk, Chainlink, Coinsource, BitPay, Canaan, DBS,  Cardano, Chamber of Digital Commerce, Stellar, Bittrex, Enjin, Decentraland, Hedera, Bitso, Cosmos, Seba Bank, Aleo, CoinFund, Protocol Labs, Amber, Tribal, Agoric, Tribal, CasperLabs, BitGive, Xenya a.i, Ava Labs.

Other established brands in the blockchain industry that are also in Wachsman’s client roster include Cosmos, Coinsource, Lukka, and Bitfinex.

Industry Expertise

David Wachsman, Founder, and CEO of Wachsman, was featured on CBS News in an interview with reporter Tanya Riverro Warren where he talked about President Bidens order on Digital Assets development.

In an earlier sitting again with Tanya Riverro Warren and Nikki Battiste, David talked about the global adoption of digital assets as well as crypto movements.

Wachsman was in April of 2021 also ranked 140 on the list of The Americas 500 Most Fastest Growing Companies 2021 by the Financial Times.

Just to put things into perspective, there are millions of companies spread throughout both North and South America and the Financial Times identified those that had the greatest impact on economic growth. Some well-known companies that have been on the list are Uber Technologies, FreightWise, FE international, and Daitan.

A few podcasts that David appeared on:


Mostly transparent. Here’s what we found:

Social Media

A strong social media presence is one of the quickest ways to find out about a company’s transparency and legitimacy. Subsequently, a strong social media presence is one that reflects the company’s mission and vision.

They also have a social media presence. At the time of writing this review, they had 55 followers on Facebook.

Their Instagram is much better with slightly over 800 followers. Wachsman, however, seems to focus more on Twitter with nearly 4500 followers.

The Website

A professional website also offers clients easy access to company information.

Wachsman scores top marks with their great-looking website that is also simple to navigate.

Case Studies

A PR company may go to great lenghts to make promises on what they can deliver for their clients. But as the old saying goes, “words are cheap”. 

If a company is to make such promises on their capabilities and skills, they must be able to back that up with concrete evidence and examples of what they have been able to accomplish with past clients. 

Unfortunately with Wachsman, there are no listed case studies on their company website to back up their claims on what they are capable of delivering.  

Diverse Team

The company prides itself on having an in-house team that offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields. This allows them to best manage technological complexities that are often the norm within sectors that are both highly unstructured as well as those that are highly regulated.  

The company website’s “Our People” page clearly shows every member of the team as well as their position within the organization.

The Locations

When it comes to the various business office locations, however, there is not much information on the website other than the contact number and the send email option. We find that a bit more detail on the specifics of the office building and floor wouldn’t hurt anyone.

That said, they do clearly state the presence of offices in the United States as well as around the world. These are:

  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Geneva
  • Dublin
  • Singapore

Industry Reputation

In June 2018, Wachsman welcomed new employees. But these weren’t just any new additions to the company. They were top executives from JP Morgan and Jefferies.

The company also brought in previous Contelegraph CEO, Jay Cassano who would act as Wachsman’s Chief Growth Officer. The move was in line with Wachsman’s plan to expand innovation and improve content management, community management, and digital marketing services.  

Company CEO David Wachsman was also featured in Forbes on his views on the revival of bitcoin. Being the oldest blockchain, many at the time thought bitcoin was steadily losing its charm as it struggled through many challenges.

But David was among the few who noticed the early signs of change in bitcoin’s trend.  A feature he attributed to Bitcoin’s reliability.

This year also saw Wachsman make headlines as Habytat by SmarterVerse named the company Agency of Record. For the uninitiated to the world of Metaverse, Habytat by SmarterVerse is a subsidiary of DatChat, Inc, a social media company that offers metaverse and secure messaging services.

DatChat CEO Darin Myman had this to say, “Wachsman has an established track record of successfully driving adoption of new technologies among diverse audience sets. I’m excited to work with their team to make Habytat a defining brand of the metaverse sector”.

Wachsman has also received recognition from periodicals such as PRWeek, PR Awards, and Quartz among others.

Range Of Services

Since the founding of Wachsman in 2015, the company has expanded its offerings to up to six different services.

These are:

Strategic Communication

Owing to its diverse workforce, Wachsman provides clients with expertise in a variety of fields including fintech, finance, Web3, and blockchain media. This allows the company to develop highly effective strategic communications responses with an aim of building lasting relations with clients and stakeholders.

To do this they offer specific services under their strategic communication program including media relations, content production, and events sponsorship.

Digital Marketing

With their digital marketing strategy, Wachsman breaks boundaries and goes above and beyond SEM, social, and influencer management with the team striving to achieve maximum market impact with the client’s products.

Some of the services offered under their digital marketing strategy include social media management, search marketing solutions, and digital road mapping.

Public Affairs & Policy

Public policy is one of the main areas where Wachsman directs its focus and resources. With their expertise in policy communications, they help clients navigate the often-complex maze of policy topics and regulations.

Having set up offices in strategic locations around the world, their communications team can keep a close eye on the ever-changing regulatory affairs and legislation landscapes.

Investor Relations

To achieve and maintain an investor pipeline, Wachsman employs highly effective financial communications and investor relations.

Wachsman’s investor relations strategy enhances the business’s credibility among its clientele as well as within the workforce.

People Advisory

Every blockchain business worth its weight in gold or in this case crypto, appreciates how challenging it can be to attract and maintain the right personnel.

The company’s people advisory section promises to work with its clients across the entire recruitment process to help secure world-class talent.


Wachsman is well aware of the challenges many businesses face when it comes to advertising. The landscape is constantly changing and the endless options create a confusing atmosphere.

The company works closely with some of the most reputable publications to offer their clients unbiased advice on the options to take for the best outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

David Wachsman is the current CEO of Wachsman. He is also the company’s founder.

They have offices in United States, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland

138 according to their website.

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