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We can safely say that crypto, and blockchain in general, have gone mainstream. However, it can be pretty tough for newer crypto projects to cut through the noise and get the much-needed exposure. And this is where crypto ad networks come in handy. Coinzilla is one such crypto ad network that has had some success over the years. 

In this review, we’ll discuss what Coinzilla is, how it works, and how the crypto marketing advertising space has evolved. 

What is Coinzilla?

Coinzilla is a crypto and finance advertising network. It has signed thousands of partnerships with some well-known publishers from the finance and cryptocurrency network. 


To advertise your project through their network, you have to set up an advertising account on their website and choose where you want your ads to be published. Since its launch in 2016, it has delivered over 16,000 campaigns for more than 15,000 advertisers. It has also created over a billion monthly impressions and over 1.8 million clicks on more than 650 websites. With that in mind, let’s see how Coinzilla works. 

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How does Coinzilla Work?

Coinzilla is basically a network of several blockchain-related publications and advertisers. It has signed advertising contracts with some of the top blockchain and finance websites, allowing you to get your message to the appropriate audience. As a crypto project, if you sign up with Coinzilla, you get access to their network and can customise your ads and reach millions of potential investors. 

The ad formats used by Coinzilla include classic banners, native ads, pop-under ads, header banners, and sticky banners. Its geo-targeting is also straightforward to use. It allows you to select either an entire region or specific countries within this region where Coinzilla will feature your ads. To understand if Coinzilla is the best for you, here’s an overview of its ecosystem.

Coinzilla Marketplace

Coinzilla Marketplace is an all-in-one content marketplace that allows you to publish your content on leading sites in the crypto and financial industry. Affiliate websites associated with Coinzilla will enable you to create an effective PR strategy regardless of your expenses, which makes Coinzilla stand out among all other Crypto advertising networks. 

Their team of experts makes it easy to get started, generating a unique press release based on your requirements and delivering it to crypto partner sites to publish your content. It allows you to manage all your press releases from a single interface and will save you both time and effort. You won’t have to worry about tracking down publishers because the press release you create will be published in the shortest possible time.

Coinzilla for Advertisers

For advertisers, Coinzilla helps you to launch your display advertising campaign within minutes and reach millions of the target audience. It allows advertisers to create campaign ads and ensure that ads are displayed to the right audience across multiple sites for maximum conversion.

Once you’ve created your advertisers’ account, a Coinzilla account manager will  be assigned to help you with your crypto ad campaign. A design team is also ready to create your banners according to your preferences. The team will advise you on how to optimise your campaign and design your banners for optimum results. And you’ll also have access to a smart assistant to track areas in your ad campaign that need improvements. You can also choose from the various banner types and which publications you want your ads to appear within the network. This helps you reach the right audience.

Coinzilla Academy

Coinzilla Academy is touted as the go-to crypto knowledge centre. It’s a library of articles, tutorials, and guides designed to help you learn how to outperform your competitors. It aims to achieve this through in-depth articles about blockchain technology, advertising, and website design. The academy’s vast collection of knowledge can also help you outshine your competitors and help you solve most of your cryptocurrency ad network problems.

Coinzilla for Publishers

Coinzilla for publishers targets website owners. It helps them monetize their platforms through various tools and solutions to maximise earnings and ensure a non-intrusive user experience when displaying ad banners. It offers different ad formats for publishers optimised for their websites.

Coinzilla Pricing

The minimum advertising budget on Coinzilla is 0.03 BTC or 1 ETH. This gives you access to two types of ad campaigns – Cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC). As an advertiser, you can choose between brand awareness and premium traffic and target your audience based on the location and device they use. 

The premium ad package on Coinzilla provides traffic from top-ranking crypto and blockchain websites. Typically, the brand awareness ad packages have a price tag of €0.2 CPM, while the premium one is €3.

Evolution of Crypto Marketing

If you’ve been around the blockchain world for quite some time, then you might remember that Bitcointalk was one of the first crypto ad networks. And you’d also remember that they had poorly designed ads and banners. But it all had to start from somewhere. This paved the way for more widespread ad networks like Coinzilla that enhanced ads with HTML5 banners. Partnerships with thousands of websites and publications made an incremental boost to the adoption of blockchain. But this type of advertising has a significant flaw. It lacks precision and audience engagement.

While most crypto projects may prefer banner ad campaigns, the contemporary crypto marketing space is radically shifting from clickbait ads. If you’re looking to market your crypto project, let’s look into the evolution of crypto marketing and see some of the better crypto marketing strategies. This should help you decide which marketing technique is best for you.

The Transition from Clickbait Ads

The crypto market has moved away from the traditional banners with clickbait ads. The discerning investors and target audience want to understand the fundamentals of a project rather than just jump in because of exaggerated ads.

And given the increasing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies, coupled with the unprecedented number of blockchain projects that have collapsed over the past few years, the crypto marketing space has radically evolved. It’s no longer just about getting eyeballs on your project. 

Effective advertising should not be passive. The only way to know if your target audience is engaged is to make ads immersive. Crypto marketing should be about making the ads look a lot less likes ads; the goal is to make them immersive, making the public truly understand what your project is all about. 

Such crypto marketing techniques include learn-and-earn programs, bug bounty initiatives, influencer marketing, video and content marketing, and PR outreach.

Learn-and-Earn Programmes

The learn-and-earn program is perhaps one of the most straightforward and elegant advertising techniques. These campaigns allow crypto projects to try to spread information about their project and reward the target audience with their native tokens. Nothing embodies the spirit of immersive advertising more than learn-and-earn programs. All you need to do is partner with crypto exchanges like Coinbase or platforms like CoinMarketCap that allow you to create learn-and-earn campaigns.

Such marketing campaigns come with several advantages. Firstly, they allow you to partner with reputable platforms that legitimise your project to investors, just by association. Secondly, these campaigns seamlessly incorporate aspects of content marketing, PR outreach, and airdrops. Typically, the target audience is required to watch educational videos about your blockchain project, then answer short questions to gauge their knowledge. And if they answer correctly, you reward them with your project’s token.

Immersive Crypto Marketing

As we mentioned, the most effective crypto marketing campaigns are immersive. And by immersive, we don’t mean AR and VR ads; they are campaigns designed to make your target audience feel actively involved. Such campaigns involve simple aspects such as influencer marketing, hosting AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions, and engaging the help of the industry’s key opinion leaders (KOLs). And in some cases, you might consider strategies like vampire attack marketing designed to entice your competitors’ client base. These help you directly interact with your audience.

Generally, every ad aims to make your project go viral. Earlier versions of crypto ad networks such as Coinzilla strive to achieve this through endless pop-up banners on websites. And in the early days of crypto, the information contained in these would be highly exaggerated, akin to a crypto shilling. But in the current intensely informational blockchain world, users are interested in engaging with more in-depth content rather than hyperbolic display banners. 

It’s evident that immersive marketing is the future of crypto advertisement. Target audiences prefer that the subject matter in ads is broken down by a person they trust. And this is where crypto social media influencers, KOLs, and AMA sessions come in. They put your target audience left, right, and centre of your entire campaign. The ad campaign isn’t just focused on what you want them to know but also on what they want to know about your project.

As always, content is king! And if you’re unsure how to proceed with this, finding reputable crypto marketing agencies will help you with the most appropriate crypto marketing for your project.

How Effective are Crypto Ad Networks

Over the past decade, the blockchain industry has grown and expanded into a fully-fledged behemoth, worth trillions of dollars, with billion-dollar corporations, medium-sized projects, and newly founded start-ups. And it goes without saying that crypto ad networks have significantly contributed to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. After all, mass education is the first step to any adoption, and the ad networks played their role quite well.

Crypto ad networks specialise in ad distribution. This means they have contractual relationships with various websites and online publications which will host the banners that the advertisers launch. 

The effectiveness of crypto ad networks comes down to website traffic sources, geo-targeting, and available campaign types. Generally, blockchain companies and projects are always global. But any successful marketing campaign may require targeting your ads to regions where your demand is concentrated. The downside is that potential investors or users in the areas where your ad isn’t aired are locked out. And given their business model, crypto ad networks may restrict you to only two types of ad campaigns – Cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC). 

It’s easy to see how your crypto ad campaign may end up in substandard or even irrelevant publications. More so, crypto ad networks almost entirely rely on banners, and the CPM and CPC models used by the likes of Coinzilla are prone to fake clicks from fake internet traffic. And in a world where nearly every internet user has an ad blocker, banner ads may not be that effective.

With immersive ad campaigns, you won’t need to worry about leaving out your potential investors or clientele base. That’s because the ads are tailor-made for them. Admittedly, the cost could be a little high but may be more effective. In the end, if banner-type ad campaigns are all you seek, then you can go with crypto ad networks like Coinzilla. But if you believe your project will benefit from more immersive ad campaigns, consider partnering with reputable crypto marketing agencies to show you the ropes.

The Bottom Line

Crypto marketing has drastically evolved over the past half a decade. Generally, crypto ad networks specialise in passive ad campaigns. But crypto marketing shouldn’t just be about creating brand awareness; it should also focus on engagement. And that’s something most crypto ad networks lack; they are biased towards brand awareness. Brand awareness campaigns are optimised for maximum exposure by delivering the ad to more people. 

Regardless of your blockchain project, we can all agree that effective crypto marketing should not be passive. They should focus on more immersive ad campaigns like learn-and-earn initiatives, crypto social media influencers, KOLs, PR outreaches, and AMA sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coinzilla operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) basis, where advertisers pay for each click or per thousand impressions of their ads. Advertisers can create customized campaigns and target specific audiences based on parameters such as demographics, geolocation, and interests.

Coinzilla offers a range of ad formats to cater to different advertising goals and user experiences. These include banner ads, native ads, pop-up/under ads, sticky ads, and interstitial ads. Advertisers can choose the format that aligns best with their objectives and target audience.

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