Lunar Strategy Review

Lunar Strategy Review

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What is Lunar Strategy?

Lunar Strategy is a marketing and PR agency focusing on Web3 and blockchain.

🌐 Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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Lunar Strategy is helping crypto and web3 projects with digital marketing and community growth strategies.

Last Updated on April 28, 2024

Lunar Strategy is one of the many agencies helping blockchain projects to achieve their marketing goals. But how great are they in the marketing business? This article will review Lunar Strategy’s agency based on its experience level, transparency, industry reputation and connections. We will also explore its range of services and how they work. Let’s get started.

What we like
  • Mostly transparent
  • Showcases case studies
  • Good industry reputation
  • Good industry connections
What we don't like
  • Conflicting office addresses

Revolutionary technologies like Blockchain and Web3 are changing how people access services in the finance and emerging tech sectors. Several projects have leveraged these technologies to create next-generation applications.

However, these tech projects require a whole new marketing approach in order to reach and connect with their target audience and achieve growth. This is where agencies like Lunar Strategy come in.

What is Lunar Strategy? 

Lunar Strategy is a full marketing agency established in 2019. It was founded by former Google staff Tim Haldorsson and is based in Portugal.  

The agency specializes in the blockchain industry, focusing on crypto, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and the metaverse. It uses several strategies, including social media management, influencer marketing, paid ad campaigns, SEO, Google Ads, content creation, community management, and PR, to help clients achieve their specific marketing goals.

Despite being relatively new, the agency has made a name for itself. It recently launched an NFT collection as a way of showcasing what they do. The NFTs allow holders to access a full month’s service from the agency. 

The following sections will reveal how far the agency has come and what to expect.


Lunar Strategy has been in business for about four years. During this time, it has contributed to the growth of projects in the blockchain industry. The agency says it helped over 150 Web3-related clients grow their community and build industry authority and has also raised over 17 million euros for clients in funding rounds.

Some of Lunar Strategy’s satisfied clients include DBLR, Coinzilla, Hypecloud, Ecom Waves Group, Omni Agency, Rein-Commerce BV, DappRader, Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, RollingStone, Crypto Banter, NFT Evening, Gamestarter, Dark Frontiers, Nobility, PixelPix,  JPEG Vault, and lots more. 

The agency’s case studies show proof of working experience with crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi projects. They offered services across digital marketing areas like influencer marketing, social media marketing, community management, email marketing, paid ads, content writing, and PR, achieving significant results.

Furthermore, the agency has about 20 employees who it claims are specialists and passionate about blockchain and Web3. Its CEO, Tim Haldorsson, ventured into crypto in 2017 and has since contributed to spreading industry knowledge. 

Tim occasionally writes to Cointelegraph’s pay-to-publish section Circle Innovation and is always up for crypto and tech discussions. He has also spoken about blockchain and Web3 at conferences and podcasts. 

A few podcasts featuring Lunar Strategy’s CEO include:  

Additionally, Tim authored “The Only Guide you need for NFT and Crypto Marketing and “Master Web3 Marketing to Build a Thriving Community & Business,” which can be found on Amazon. He also published other works, which are available through his LinkedIn page.


A company’s level of transparency is one easy way to determine its legitimacy. This involves determining how straightforward and open it is about all its details and operations. 

Lunar Strategy is mostly transparent. The agency’s website is easy to navigate and contains details about the company, its services, employees, and the company’s contact details.

However, there are two addresses associated with the agency. It indicated Calçada de São Vicente 44 Lisbon, Portugal as the company’s address on its LinkedIn page and Rua Nova de Sao Pedro, No. 54, 2nd Floor, Office D 9000-048, Funchal, Portugal, on the website. There is no clear information about the agency’s main address.

Moving on, Lunar Strategy is open about its past clients and the scope of work it has done through its case studies. Here are a few of the agency’s successful cases:

  • Oasis Foundation: Lunar Strategy used influencer marketing to increase interactions on the DeFi project’s campaign posts.
  • Kounotori:  Lunar Strategy helped the crypto project to increase trading volume by 200% and grow its Asian community. 
  • Superhow.Art: Lunar Strategy helped promote a Russian oil painting NFT, which sold for 30 ETH.
  • Olympus Game: Lunar Strategy helped the GameFi project to grow its community and sell out its presale token. 

Lunar Strategy also has a strong social media presence and is active on LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with good followership.     

Industry Reputation/Connections

Lunar Strategy’s industry reputation looks good. The agency has excellent reviews from past clients on Clutch and has no unresolved crisis attached to its name. It has also been mentioned in Influencer Marketing Hub as a blockchain PR firm businesses should know.

It is also connected to media publications like DappRadar, BitMedia, NFT Plazas, Cointelegraph, TechBullion, Databox, Coindoo, Dailycoin, and others. 

Range of Services

Lunar Strategy facilitates five different services: Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads, Public Relations, Community Management, and Social media management. Here’s how they work.

Influencer Marketing

Lunar Strategy collaborates with online influencers to market clients’ products and services. The company says it connects with several networks of Web3 influencers across niches, locations, and followerships to provide seamless Web3 influencer marketing experiences.

Lunar Strategy negotiates deals with influencers and establishes partnership guidelines. They also provide pitch decks to help the influencers understand more about the projects. 

Paid advertising is a digital marketing strategy requiring advertisers to bid for their adverts to appear in certain slots on a platform or network. This strategy can help at any point in a project’s roadmap, regardless of how new or popular it is. 

Every PPC (Pay per click) platform has a specific audience demographic. Lunar Strategy claims to leverage this fact to create custom-made strategies for its clients. They use creative ads and the most suitable platforms to give clients the highest possibility of meeting their paid advertising goals. 

Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication tool that brands use to influence their public image and promote new developments. This can be achieved by creating content, news, features, development team information, and other details and publishing them on reputable sites. 

PR makes it easier for an audience to relate to a brand and can help manage or resolve misunderstandings in times of crisis. Lunar Strategy uses information from clients to create suitable PR strategies. They also claim to have a large network of connections with editors of top-tier and mid-tier publications through which they publish their clients’ stories.

Community Management

All successful Web3 projects leverage the support of a community. This is why a new project must attract and maintain a community that has some level of interest in the project.

Lunar Strategy helps clients to create and set the foundation for a self-sustaining community. They create value for members and educate them on the missions and visions of the project. 

Social media management

The massive potential of social media makes it necessary for brands to properly leverage social media platforms to achieve their objectives. Brands can use social media to create awareness for their services and establish authority in their niche. It also makes it possible for brands to be noticed by industry players for potential partnerships.

Lunar Strategy helps clients to effectively manage their online presence. They will help establish and amplify clients’ brand voice and will provide a framework for the messages that will be coming from the brand.


Lunar Strategy is a reputable blockchain marketing agency that focuses on crypto, NFT, DeFi, and GameFi projects. The company has a high level of experience and connections and is very transparent. They have also published a lot of works to prove their knowledge and expertise in the industry.  

The agency’s marketing solutions are also straightforward and can help clients move from where they are to where they want to be. However, it is not clear where the company’s main address is, as its LinkedIn page and website have different information.  

Lunar Strategy has an overall rating of 4.0/5. Aside from its unclear location, the company may make a good option to help you achieve your marketing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lunar Strategy appears to be legit. The agency is mostly transparent about its operations and employees. It also has excellent reviews and is connected to several reputable industry partners.

Lunar Strategy has a team of 20+ employees, with experts from across all digital marketing fields. 

The CEO of Lunar Strategy is Tim Haldorsson.

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