Web3 marketing agencies offer a range of solutions, such as consulting services and Web3 PR, that are designed to help your business stand out while helping you achieve your business goals.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Web3, which is heralded as the future of the Internet, has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years due in part to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. First coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, the term describes a decentralized and more democratic version of the Internet. Technological advancements and the increased adoption of 5G and 6G networks are two of the main growth drivers of the Web3 blockchain market, which is projected to grow to over $13 billion by 2027.

Furthermore, recent data shows that the industry is likely to enjoy sustained ecosystem growth. According to Alchemy’s Web3 Development Report for Q2 2023, the deployment of smart contracts on EVM chains was up by over 300% quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, installs of Ethereum and wallet SDK, which is one of the key indicators of ecosystem health, according to the report, grew by 7% and 22%, respectively.

However, given that Web3 is a relatively new concept that comes with complex underlying technologies and unique challenges, businesses may find it challenging to navigate the space and gain a competitive edge. Working with Web3 marketing agencies helps you pivot your business and equip you to be Web3-ready.

What Is a Web3 Marketing Agency?

In a nutshell, a Web 3 marketing agency is the same agency “breed” of a crypto marketing agency, in a sense that it specializes in providing services geared toward Web3, crypto, or blockchain-focused companies. These agencies offer services ranging from creating a media and communications strategy and consulting services to content marketing and reputation management.

They can help brands overcome common Web3-related challenges, such as lack of awareness and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, Web3 agencies are capable of building effective marketing strategies and campaigns designed to help you better market your project in a niche industry while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Top Web3 Marketing Agencies in 2024

This list showcases some of the best Web3 marketing agencies who can help you create optimized crypto or blockchain marketing strategies, launch and promote your initial coin offering, build awareness for your brand, and more.

Top 12 Web3 Marketing Agency Ratings


What is Chainstory?

Chainstory is a results-driven content marketing and PR/communications firm dedicated to crafting and amplifying your brand's narrative within the blockchain and Web3 space.

🌐 Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


What is NinjaPromo?

NinjaPromo is a digital marketing company specializing in brand elevation through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding, and creative design.

🌐 Location: New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vilnius

EAK Digital

What is EAK Digital?

EAK Digital is a creative communication agency that helps blockchain brands increase public awareness and manage relationships.

🌐 Location: London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Umm Al Quwain, Buenos Aires and Istanbul.

Lunar Strategy

What is Lunar Strategy?

Lunar Strategy is a marketing and PR agency focusing on Web3 and blockchain.

🌐 Location: Lisbon, Portugal


What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

🌐 Location: California, United States


What is Coinbound?

Coinbound is a blockchain marketing agency that promotes cryptocurrency, NFT, and Web3 projects using multiple digital marketing strategies.

🌐 Location: New York, United States

Wachsman PR

What is Wachsman?

Wachsman is a global strategic communications agency with a main focus on blockchain, emerging technology, and finance.

🌐 Location: United States, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland

Melrose PR

What is Melrose PR?

Founded in 2012, Melrose PR is one of the oldest public relations agencies in crypto. It aims to help crypto and Web3 companies achieve their communications goals through several service offerings.

🌐 Location: California, United States


What is CryptolandPR?

CryptolandPR is a marketing agency that accelerates businesses and builds brands through connective storytelling and strategic communications.

🌐 Location: London, United Kingdom


What is Flexe.io?

Flexe.io is a blockchain marketing agency that offers online visibility and growth opportunities through media partnerships with media publications and influencers.

🌐 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

IBC Group

What is IBC Group? 

IBC Group is a blockchain marketing and growth hacking agency that incubates and accelerates crypto projects.

🌐 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


What is ReBlonde?

ReBlonde is a technology PR marketing agency specializing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and fintech.

🌐 Location: Giv’atayim, Israel

1. Chainstory


Chainstory is a leader in the field of crypto PR and marketing, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. With experience that goes way back to 2016, the agency has built a reputation for its “unorthodox” results-driven approach and dedication to client success.

With a team of 10 specialists, comprising both in-house talent and global freelancers, Chainstory is committed to exceeding client expectations and delivering tangible outcomes.

Key Services: Blockchain PR & communications, strategic messaging development, content marketing, SEO, thought leadership and online reputation management services.

Notable Clients

  • BIT Exchange
  • Capital.com
  • Resonance Security
  • Trugard
  • MasterKey
  • GoMining

2. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate is a Web3 agency that has worked with some of the world’s top companies and high-growth startups. To date, it has completed over 500 successful projects, and its marketing solutions have raised $250 million for its clients. Crowdcreate connects Web3 businesses with influencers to drive results and KPIs, creates outreach programs for growth, and creates optimized marketing strategies that will help you connect with investors and raise capital for your project. 

As a full-service consultancy, it has helped fund, launch, and scale hundreds of successful projects across various industries, including Web3. Some of its work in the Web3 space includes engaging potential investors for the Web3 gaming studios Apex Game Studios and Amor Mentis, which resulted in around 8% of investors expressing interest. This helped the Web3 gaming studios secure funding for their Web3 and NFT games. 

Key Services: Strategy, digital advertising, e-commerce marketing, crowdfunding, outreach, investor marketing, blockchain marketing, social media management, and more

Notable Clients

  • The Sandbox
  • Pastel Network
  • Cypherium
  • Bezant 

3. Cryptoland PR

CryptolandPR is a Web3 digital marketing agency that has worked with diverse clients, including blockchain brands and businesses like Libra, BitPay, and Blockchain. With its deep industry knowledge and contacts, Cryptoland PR provides clients with flexible PR solutions and resources, the ability to map blockchain projects to the mainstream, and optimized solutions to accelerate growth. For instance, it has helped InfiniGold tokenize assets and bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets. 

Key Services: Communication campaigns, strategy (brand strategy, digital PR, and more), engagement, and content creation and management

Notable Clients:

  • InfiniGold
  • Caspian
  • Nuggets

4. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is a full-service Web3 digital marketing agency that provides brands with bespoke marketing solutions and branding and design services. Its Web3-focused services range from lead generation and community management to paid media and blockchain development. 

NinjaPromo leverages data and analytics to build strategic solutions and campaigns for each client. For instance, its full-stack blockchain development services cover blockchain training, security token offering solutions, and NFT development. Aside from data and analytics, NinjaPromo is backed by a team of experts who have extensive experience in building decentralized ecosystems. 

Key Services: Social media, SEO, paid media, paid social, PR, blockchain development, lead generation, and more

Notable Clients:

  • Bitcoin.com
  • Polkadot
  • BitForex
  • Hycon 

5. Wachsman

Founded in 2015, Wachsman is a strategic communications consulting firm that has since provided its clients with solutions designed to amplify and sustain their positions in the global market. It has worked with some of the world’s leading companies in advanced technology sectors, including BitPay, eToro, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and Kraken. Combining its traditional industry experience with a deep knowledge of finance, fintech, and emerging technologies, Wachsman helps businesses raise capital for their projects, build better relationships with investors, and create impactful campaign narratives. 

Key Services: Strategic communications, digital marketing, investor relations, public affairs and policy, advertising, and events support

Notable Clients:

  • eToro
  • CoinDesk
  • Trezor
  • Bitcoin Suisse

6. EAK Digital

EAK Digital is a Web3 PR agency that provides end-to-end PR and communications services for businesses in the emerging technologies sector. Its Web3 solutions are designed to help businesses drive exposure, create compelling branding and design for their projects, and build relationships with key opinion leaders in the blockchain space. For instance, EAK Digital offers blockchain PR services that provide businesses with blockchain-specific strategies. Its PR services for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are designed to help clients create maximum impact, improve their exposure, and maintain their reputation.

Key Services: Blockchain and tech PR services, branding and design, KOL engagement, virtual events services, and IEO PR services

Notable Clients:

  • Theta 
  • TomoChain
  • Conflux
  • Fleta

7. Melrose PR

As a Bitcoin and Web3 PR agency, Melrose PR provides crypto-focused PR services designed to help Web 3 businesses launch and grow their projects and achieve their business goals. With its deep knowledge and expertise in crypto PR, Melrose PR provides solutions that help its clients launch and grow their projects. These include building effective strategies and presentations, establishing their authority through thought leadership, educating their target audience through extensive media coverage, and developing and distributing optimized content.

Key Services: Strategy, press relations, thought leadership, and content marketing 

Notable Clients:

  • BitGo
  • Foresight Ventures
  • Blockdaemon

8. Flexe.io

Flexe.io is a Web3 PR agency that’s dedicated to helping build brand awareness for fintech startups and marketing their products to their target audience. Through its Web3-focused marketing solutions, such as crypto PR and performance marketing, Flexe.io has helped clients grow their following, boost engagement, and enhance their visibility in search rankings. Its services for crypto and blockchain-related businesses include community management, influencer marketing consultation, branding, and PR strategy formulation. 

Key Services: Influencer marketing, community management, PR, packaging, and traffic generation

Notable Clients:

  • MaskEx
  • Techplay.io
  • Cryptocean.io
  • Swinca

9. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a Web3 agency that offers full-service marketing solutions to over 150 clients in Web3 industries like crypto, NFT, GameFi, and DeFi. It has blockchain agency experts who leverage their in-depth knowledge of the industry to create bespoke Web3 marketing strategies, drive advocacy, and build partnerships with industry KOLs. 

Lunar Strategy’s marketing services for Web3 industries are designed to deliver maximum value for both its clients and their target audience. Its Web3-focused services include project marketing for digital collectibles to help clients achieve sustainable growth and edge out the competition, innovative DeFi and crypto token marketing, and NFT game and GameFi marketing solutions designed to boost a project’s traction and visibility. 

Key Services: Paid ads, social media management, influencer marketing, PR, and community management

Notable Clients:

  • PixelPix
  • Dark Frontiers
  • Sahara Protocol
  • Oasis Foundation 

10. IBC Group

Since 2017, IBC Group has been specializing in growth hacking and providing consulting services for crypto and blockchain-focused companies, ICOs, and NFT projects. Its range of solutions is tailored to help clients raise funds for their projects, grow their businesses, and successfully launch ICOs, STOs, IEOs, IDOs, and NFT projects. Its blockchain-focused services cover enterprise and open-source blockchain solutions, as well as training and education. 

IBC Group also provides NFT marketing and incubation services and token and NFT acceleration through marketing and technical services. It also helps clients with fundraising through its STO and IEO incubator program, private placement services, and token offerings. 

Key Services: NFT marketing and incubation, fundraising, token and NFT acceleration, training and education, and more

Notable Clients:

  • EnjinStarter
  • Bloktopia
  • Bridge Network
  • Coinweb

11. Coinbound

Coinbound is a Web3 agency that has worked with various blockchain and crypto companies, including OKX, Cosmos, eToro, and MetaMask. It has helped its clients promote and grow their brands online, build engaged communities, achieve organic coverage, and refine their social media strategies for growth. Through its Web3 lead generation services, Coinbound has helped clients build more effective outbound sales processes. 

As a full-service Web3 agency, Coinbound also offers consulting and advisory services for Web3 companies. 

Key Services: Web3 PR, Web3 consulting and advisory, community building and management, SEO, influencer and KOL marketing, and more

Notable Clients:

  • eToro
  • Tron
  • MetaMask

12. ReBlonde

ReBlonde is a tech PR firm that works closely with companies in the crypto and blockchain space. It provides a comprehensive range of PR services covering AI, tech, crypto, fintech, and Web3 industries. As a Web3 PR agency, ReBlonde helps clients cut through the noise and reach their target audience. Its data-driven Web3 PR services are designed to help clients strengthen the impact of their product or service launches, build brand awareness, deploy crowdfunding campaigns, and maintain their reputation. 

Key Services: AI PR, crypto PR, cyber PR, fintech PR, tech PR, and Web3 PR

Notable Clients:

  • PumaPay
  • Couchbase
  • OVEX
  • Film.io

Why Do You Need a Web3 Marketing Agency?

Whether you want to leverage Web3 for marketing or you want to venture into the blockchain or crypto space, a reputable Web3 marketing agency can utilize its industry knowledge and expertise to help accelerate your business’s growth. Through services like community management, Web3 PR, and crafting tailored marketing campaigns, Web3 agencies can benefit both you and your audience in several ways.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Aside from leveraging data and analytics, a Web3 marketing agency is backed by professionals who have extensive experience in and knowledge of the Web3 space. These experts can capitalize on emerging growth opportunities for your business. Furthermore, given their experience in niche Web3 industries, they’re able to provide expert guidance and craft tailored marketing strategies that align with your company’s growth goals. And because the Web3 landscape is constantly evolving, Web3 marketing experts can help you better understand emerging trends. Lastly, they can help you with reputation management through community management, PR services, and regulatory compliance for your crypto or blockchain projects.

Access to Specialized Resources

Web3 marketing agencies can access specialized resources, whether tools or professional networks. They can use these resources to craft effective growth strategies, generate project funding, or help you expand your network.

Ability to Create Targeted Web3 Campaigns and Personalized Experiences

Because of their experience and expertise in the Web3 field, Web3 marketing agencies can create highly targeted campaigns and customer-centric experiences designed to engage your audiences and boost brand awareness.

Choosing the Best Web3 Marketing Agency for Your Business

Working with the right Web3 marketing agency for your brand helps you identify and leverage growth opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. Your choice of Web3 marketing agency also plays a role in shaping your brand’s position and direction in the Web3 space. When choosing a Web 3 agency, here are some key factors to consider.


Check the agency’s past and current clients to get a better idea of their specialization and capabilities. While many agencies claim to offer Web3 marketing services, they may not have the actual expertise or experience to deliver services that align with your business goals.

Track Record

Check their portfolio, reviews, and case studies to assess their track record. Make sure that they have a solid record of helping other clients succeed in the Web3 space.

Web3 Experience and Expertise

Whether you’re working with a dedicated Web3 branding agency or a full-service Web3 marketing agency, make sure that it has the expertise and experience not only in Web3 but also in your particular niche or industry. This allows the agency to have a better understanding of your target audience, as well as the unique needs and challenges of your industry. Choose an agency that has worked with clients in various sectors and has extensive industry connections.


Aside from assessing an agency’s experience, expertise, and portfolio, make sure that they’re a great cultural fit for your business. For example, if you’re a startup, check to see if they’ve previously worked with other startups in the same growth stage as you.


Choose an agency that’s proactive when it comes to communication. This means that they should be easily accessible and responsive to your queries or concerns.

Wrapping Up

As the next generation of the Internet, Web3 offers new opportunities and benefits for businesses. For instance, because you’ll be leveraging blockchain technology, which is decentralized and more secure, you’ll have improved regulatory compliance and enhanced security. Web3 technologies can also potentially create better business-customer relationships. That’s because it creates inviolable transaction records, which allows you to offer better transparency and gain customer trust.

Furthermore, decentralized protocols are transforming peer-to-peer interactions, and the Web3 industry’s immense growth spells a new wave of opportunities for brands looking to venture into the Web3 space. When done right, brands can use Web3 to streamline business processes, minimize the need for third-party services or solutions, enhance transparency, and access better data security.

While it’s still in the developmental stage, it’s best for businesses to monitor Web3’s progress. Doing so will allow you to identify business opportunities early on. Working with a Web3 marketing agency also will enable you to better understand the Web3 market, grow your business in the Web3 space, utilize bespoke Web3 marketing strategies, and seamlessly transition into this new ecosystem.

Disclaimer: The order of appearance is completely editorial, based on our research and may change in the future. Any sponsored inclusion in this page will be labeled as such.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web3 marketing is a whole new ball game that comes with its own set of challenges. While it’s still gaining traction, businesses in the Web3 space may find it challenging to reach out to a wider audience due primarily to a lack of awareness. The technical complexity of Web3 technologies, as well as consumer concern over privacy, can also pose a significant challenge to businesses.

Some of the effective marketing channels worth looking into include social media platforms, content and influencer marketing, community management, and token marketing.

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