Crowdcreate Review

Crowdcreate Review

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What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

🌐 Location: California, United States

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Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Crowdcreate has been around since 2014 making the company almost a decade old. Known to be the first to organize and set up crypto communities, the agency’s main focus area is on bringing together investors, influencers, clients, and stakeholders around a common crypto space. In this article we’ll look into Crowdcreate’s offering and more.

What we like
  • Great client portfolio
  • Showcases case studies
  • Demonstrates industry expertise
What we don't like
  • Operates in multiple industries, not a “pure” blockchain-focused agency

What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce. Founded in 2014, the company helps businesses step up their marketing game through services like influencer marketing, investor marketing and connections, public relations and more. 


Crowdcreate has been in operation for almost a decade, which is longer than many blockchain PR firms

Case Studies

Crowdcreate openly displays projects and case studies on its company website. To date, the company has worked with over 80 different projects.

These projects include brands such as The Sandbox, Star Atlas, Animoca Brands, and more. Here are some of their case studies:

The Workforce

Crowdcreate has a workforce with a background in business management, marketing, and Public relations.

Kevin Maloney, senior advisor at Crowdcreate also serves as a Chief executive at “iTrust capital”, a digital IRA platform.

Head of business development at Crowdcreate, Steven Jahn has previously held the position of Regional Account Executive of the San Diego Magazine.

On the tech side of things, Co-founder Jeffrey Maganis is himself an investor. He has also previously served as a limited partner at Multicoin Capital, Polychain Capital, and Blockchain Capital.  

Crowdcreate has a diverse workforce from advisors to Web3 and NFT investors to web designers and SEO experts.

The Client Base

Crowdcreate has worked with global brands in the blockchain industry and beyond. Some of the brands the company has served include Divine Anarchy, The Sandbox, Valora, Pastel, Star Atlas, and Cypherium.

Other big brands that Crowdcreate has helped improve their bottom line are Open Platform, BitClave, Profede, Zilla, Darico, and bOx. 

Industry Expertise

Crowdcreate senior executive Ivan Kan has networked with some of the most prominent business leaders in the crypto space. His interactions can be seen on the company website’s team page.

Co-founder Jeffrey Maganis speaking in TED’s Youth Event (2019).

The company has also been active on various popular and creditable podcasts discussing blockchain-related industry topics.

On Apple podcasts, for instance, Crowdcreate co-founder Ivan Kan and the co-founder of Quantum Economics Mati Greenspan discuss how to build crypto trading communities.

Co-founder of Lit protocol David Sneider and Ivan Kan also have a sitting to talk Web3 trends and Cross-Chain interoperability on Apple podcasts.

Jeffrey Maganis and Ivan Kan were also featured in the Alternative Investment Podcasts on topics such as how to invest in crypto.


Social Media

Crowdcreate is active on various social media channels. On YouTube, they upload regular videos discussing varying topics in the crypto and blockchain niche. Their channel has 1900 subscribers.

On their Twitter profile, the company has a following of above 19,000 at the time of writing this review.

Crowdcreate is also present on LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

The Website

On the Crowdcreate website, they claim to have been named the best crypto agency, best marketing agency, and best crypto marketing agency by Forbes, Boxmining, and Coinbureau. These however are the opinions of third party contributors, not staff writers. 

There are plenty of case studies on display on the Crowdcreate company website on blockchain projects.  

The website’s design is simple to navigate and the layout is easy on the eye. All the information is carefully and neatly laid out making it simple to find and access.  All in all, we give Crowdcreate’s website top marks on design. 

The Team

On the team page, there is a list of the company employees. However, there is a bigger list of 16 employees on the about us page creating an inconsistency in the presentation of their employee information.


Crowdcreate has an office located on the 19th floor of the Irvine Spectrum Center in Los Angeles California.

Industry Reputation

Crowdcreate has partnered with several blockchain companies over the years to help them attain their goals. 

Solidus AI, a high-performance computing company, recently partnered with 3 companies, among them Crowdcreate to help raise funding for increasing European HPC facilities. According to Solidus AI, the company chose only heavy hitters to partner with and help achieve its vision. 

Crowdcreate 2021 launched the Cryptocom Conference to bring together experts in the blockchain industry to discuss major topics. These included thought leaders, influencers, and investors. Some of the panelists at the conference included Morgan Creek Capital CEO, Mark Yusko, Cointelegraph editor-in-chief Cristina Corner, and CEO of the Sandbox Sebastien Borget.

Lit Protocol, a decentralized Key management company raised $2.2 million  for building a decentralized network through partnerships with key industry players such as Gumi Cryptos Capital, G1 Ventures, and Crowdcreate.

Pastel Network, a trading platform for digital assets partnered with Crowdcreate to increase social media engagement in the US market back in 2021. This was to help the company boost connectivity with digital artists, and blockchain enthusiasts. 

Range of Services

Crowdcreate offers a variety of services. On the company website’s services page, they have up to 11 different services on offer. These include:

Influencer Marketing

Crowdcreate helps businesses connect to top-tier influencers that help to build brand awareness and boost outreach. This is through leveraging the trust that influencers have gained from their followers to market a business’s products. 

Blockchain Marketing

Crowdcreate leverages its network of crypto and NFT  influencers, thought leaders, and investors to promote businesses. With a blockchain marketing strategy, they find the type of content that has the best outreach potential and utilize this to get results. 

PR Marketing

Crowdcreate handles every aspect of public relations through a diversified, “all-spectrum” strategy that encompasses marketing campaigns, media relations, and public relations. This also includes press release writing, crisis management, market research, and influencer marketing. 

Digital Advertising

Crowdcreate develops tailor-made and comprehensive digital advertising campaigns, web design, and data analysis to expand a business’s online presence. 

Outreach Services

Through its outreach program, Crowdcreate connects businesses with influencers and investors via its proprietary database. The company does this by researching potential investors and clients and then creating a targeted pitch.  

Video Marketing

Crowdcreate creates videos for your business by first understanding what clients want to see. The company’s in-house video content team will help develop videos that are geared to helping the business raise money whether it’s investor brand videos or product videos. 

E-commerce Marketing

Crowdcreate team of digital marketers will employ a variety of strategies including social media marketing, product branding, email marketing, search engine optimization, and web design to place the business and its products in front of as many people as possible. 


Crowdcreate aims to help businesses raise capital through a crowdfunding strategy. This is via web content, video, and copy to help tell the business story to potential investors. The company will then pitch the business idea after a validation process before launching the campaign. 

Social Media Marketing

Many companies often fail to give social media the attention that it deserves often focusing on other business takes such as marketing and advertising. Crowdcreate handles all the tasks involved in managing the business’s social media profiles. They leverage popular social networks to reach a client base around the world.  

Investor Marketing

Crowdcreate connects a business to its network of investors to help the business get the funding that it requires to grow. They leverage their research team to find the investors that are best suited to a business, bridge the gap between the two and get both parties to talk. 

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Crowdcreate was co-founded by Ivan Kan and Jeffrey Maganis.

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