IBC Group Review

IBC Group Review

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What is IBC Group? 

IBC Group is a blockchain marketing and growth hacking agency that incubates and accelerates crypto projects.

🌐 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This review will help you learn about IBC Group by examining their level of experience, transparency, industry reputation, connections and more.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

A lot goes into the making of successful crypto projects. While several startups opt to handle these processes independently, first-time founders typically need much support, and incubators and accelerators can help.

Incubators and accelerators foster innovative crypto projects from the ground up and fast-track their growth. This is IBC Group’s main service. The company uses its industry connections and reputation to push clients’ projects to achieve significant results.

But should you trust IBC Group with your project?

What we like
  • Wide range of services
  • Mostly transparent
  • Significant industry connections
What we don't like
  • Lacks clients reviews
  • No case studies

What is IBC Group? 

IBC Group stands for International Blockchain Consulting (IBC) Group. It is a global consulting agency founded by Mario Nawfal in 2017 and based in Dubai. The agency has since established offices in other locations, including Australia, the US, and the UK, and has consultants in over 30 countries supporting crypto businesses with advisory and marketing strategies.

IBC Group focuses on ICO, STO, IDO, IEO, NFT marketing, blockchain development, platforms, financial services, post-fundraising services, audits, and more. The company offers marketing services to crypto startups and boasts of being incredibly successful with blockchain-related private funding. Additionally, they offer technical expertise, access to a large investor network, and professional legal counsel.

The agency also offers growth hacking solutions. They use unique marketing strategies that result in effective growth for crypto, Web3, or blockchain companies.


IBC Group has been in business for about six years, expanding from consulting to marketing to growth hacking and now incubating and accelerating projects. The agency has helped over 250 clients achieve significant success through investments and support. 

Some of their clients include Genopets, Faith Tribe, Bloktopia, Sidus Heroes, Cryowar, Walken, EnjinStarter, We Sleep, TDx Launchpad, Nakamoto Games, NFT3, Banger Games, Health Heroes, Zam, Dreem, Xfinite, Chingari, Point Network, Forward Protocol, xManna, Bridge Network, Harmony, Legends of Mitra, MultiBank, UpOnly, Portal, Coinweb, and many more.

The agency has 90+ employees consisting of experts in various marketing, legal and growth-focused operations. Additionally, the CEO, Mario Nawfal, exhibits vast knowledge of the blockchain and Web3. He is a serial founder, investor, and international speaker on crypto, NFT, and the Metaverse subjects.

Mario has spoken at several blockchain events, including the World NFT and DeFi Show and a TEDx event. He also has a nice following base on Twitter, surpassing 433k followers at the time of writing.

He is also the host of the Round Table Show, which discusses global topics, including crypto and Web3, with over 2 million weekly listeners.


Transparency has to do with how open a company is about its services, operations, contact addresses, employees, clients, and case studies. A review of IBC Group’s website shows that the agency is mostly transparent.

The website is easy to navigate and provides adequate information about the company, its team, and contact information. It also includes a breakdown of the company’s fundraising, NFT marketing, token incubation, and acceleration services.  

The company also listed its most recent clients; however, it did not provide case studies on the services delivered as well as their scopes. 

They can be found on LinkedIn and Telegram.

Industry Reputation/Connections

IBC Group boasts of a sound reputation and a vast network of industry connections. The agency claims they properly analyze projects before accepting to promote them to investors. As a result, they have earned respect within the industry and are renowned for bringing only the best deals to the table. 

According to IBC Group, they partner with all of the top VCs and funds in the industry, including Traditional Venture Capital, Family Offices, Digital Currency Funds, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, Syndicate Angel Groups, Hedge Funds, and Individual Investors from around the world. They have over 1200 accredited investors and extended 150,000 investor databases. 

The agency is also connected to multiple top-tier and mid-tier publications, where it secures media placements for its clients. Some of them include CoinTelegraph, Yahoo!Finance, Cryptonews, CBS, Zycrypto, Blockmanity, NewsBTC, Coincodex, Bitcoin.com, LiveTrades.com, Telemundo, Coincheckup, Coinspeaker, Micky.com.au, ABC, AMB crypto, Crypto News flash, NBC, NullTX, and others.  

Range of Services

Here are the various services IBC Group offers: 


One of the main incubation services of IBC Group is fundraising. The agency leverages the different fundraising models available to help startups to launch and achieve capital goals. 

The models include Private Placements, Security Token Offerings (STO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and Regulated Token Offerings (RTO) for US investors who cannot partake in ICOs due to regulatory issues.


IBC Group also offer marketing service to startups as part of their incubation and acceleration services. This service helps projects attract attention, raise interest, and grow their communities.  Some of the products under their marketing service include:

  • Product Validation Analysis
  • Roadmap & Marketing Strategy
  • Brand, Web, and Social Media Expertise
  • Premium Placement in News Outlets
  • International Bounty Program
  • Digital Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Public Relations
  • Airdrops

The blockchain industry has an uncertain regulatory framework, making it risky to operate without the guidance of a legal team. IBC Group provides lawyers who assist clients in navigating complex business and legal issues related to blockchain technology implementation, issuing tokens to generate funds in an ICO/STO, taking cryptocurrencies as payment, or investing in an ICO or STO.

The agency offers

  • Legal Guidance on the SEC’s Cryptocurrency and Token & NFT Regulations
  • Token & NFT White Paper Legal Services
  • Token & NFT Legal Document Preparation Services
  • Guidance on Virtual Currency Projects and the SEC
  • Token & NFT Risk Assessment
  • Token & NFT Funding Assistance
  • Intellectual Property Protection


Several financial processes need to be in place in order to foster trust between investors and startups. IBC Group provides accountants and financial analysts to support projects through strategy, reporting, and auditing. 

Here are some of its financial services:

  • Book building and Book running Services
  • Escrow Services
  • Multi-Sig Wallet Management
  • Financial Reporting and Auditing
  • Blockchain/Crypto Accounting
  • Fund Administration


IBC Group also offers technical services as part of its accelerator services. Their technical services include:

  • Platform and Smart Contract Creation
  • Coding, Testing, and Implementation
  • Major and Side Chain Experts
  • Code Security Audit
  • White Paper Creation


After helping companies conduct successful IEOs, STOs, and IDOs, IBC Group offers other post-funding services like: 

  • HR Services For Business
  • Financial Reporting
  • Board Guidance
  • Marketing and Product Placement
  • Token Control
  • Long-Term Business Development


Reverse ICO/IEO/STO is a token offering initiative that aims to generate capital for established blockchain projects with existing product lines and thriving businesses. Such projects can use a Reverse IDO/IEO/STO to spur additional growth. It all comes down to acquiring additional funds for a projected expansion to establish a strong presence and competitive edge in the blockchain and crypto space.

  • IBC Group’s Reverse-IDO/STO/IEO services include:
  • Operational Analysis
  • Decentralization Consulting
  • Legal Best-Practice
  • Advice for Existing Investors
  • Guidance for Reverse Token Offerings

Blockchain Solutions

IBC Group offers other services to blockchain clients, including education, training, enterprise, and open-source blockchain solutions. 


IBC Group is an all-in-suite agency for all blockchain startup solutions. They offer marketing, legal, financial, technical, fundraising, and post-fundraising services. Blockchain clients can leverage the agency’s vast range of services, connections, and reputation to move from where they are to where they want to be.

The agency clearly describes its services, how they work, and what clients will get. They also have a large team to help clients meet their funding and growth goals. But, the company does not have reviews from past clients on its website or on popular review platforms like Clutch. They did not also publish case studies to show the scope of their previous works and the result they generated.

However, IBC Group has an overall rating of 3.8/5. If you wish to launch a new crypto project and need guidance and assistance, IBC Group can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IBC Group is a blockchain growth hacker, incubator, accelerator, and marketing agency. They help clients connect with investors, raise funds, grow communities, and achieve industry credibility. They also offer legal, technical, and financial solutions. 

IBC Group has a team of 90+ employees who are experts in marketing, crypto growth, incubation, and acceleration roles.  

IBC Group’s headquarters is located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai UAE

The CEO of IBC Group is Mario Nawfal. He is a serial founder, investor, and international speaker.

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