ReBlonde Review

ReBlonde Review

This is a comprehensive, neutral review of ReBlonde.

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What is ReBlonde?

ReBlonde is a technology PR marketing agency specializing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and fintech.

🌐 Location: Giv’atayim, Israel

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This article is a complete review of ReBlonde marketing agency, and the agency’s rating will be based on several factors that include experience, transparency, history, and range of services.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Blockchain technology has been called a lot of things – radical, innovative, or disruptive. It all depends on how you look at it. However, what is clear is that the technology is here to stay. At the time of writing, the crypto industry is valued at around $2.4 trillion.

It is for this reason that several traditional companies that offered legacy services are now integrating blockchain technology in their workflow or service offerings. This is also true for marketing agencies that want to diversify their offerings as emerging technologies become more interconnected.

ReBlonde is an example of a PR marketing agency whose services extend beyond the crypto industry. It also caters to companies working in technological vectors such as artificial intelligence, which is currently grabbing all the eye-watering headlines.

What we like
  • Connected to some of the leading media and tech sites in the world
  • Recognized in 2014 by Forbes as one of the ‘Ten Startup Movers and Shakers’
What we don't like
  • Uses its case studies to make significant, unsubstantiated claims.

What is ReBlonde?

ReBlonde is an Israeli-based public relations and communications marketing service founded in 2020. The agency is led by Motti Peer, who is one of the most well-known PR professionals in Israel. Peer also serves as a mentor and lecturer for an MBA program at Tel Aviv University, Israel’s top-rated university.

ReBlonde is a marketing agency that operates using two Cs – creativity and connections. These two Cs are very important in public relations and marketing, especially in the crypto sphere. ReBlonde says it was founded with a mission to focus on social media and how it works together with PR.

The marketing agency says its understanding of this relationship between social media and PR helps to provide “fun, positive, and up-to-the-minute” messaging that goes a long way in promoting brands.

According to its LinkedIn page, ReBlonde was founded in 2020. However, there are articles about the marketing agency that go as far back as 2018. Reblonde also says that it was featured as the top movers and shakers by Forbes’ startup nation. The recognition went to Blonde 2.0, a marketing agency led at the time by Ayelet Noff and Moti Peer, who were described in the article as a power couple.

ReBlonde seems to be a spin-off of Blonde 2.0 but without Ayelet Noff, who has gone on to found a competing marketing agency called SlicedBrand.

The history of Reblonde and Blonde 2.0 is intertwined and often mixed. Blonde 2.0 distributed a press release to claim that it won the Best PR Campaign and Best Viral Campaign in PR Daily’s 2015 Digital PR and Social Media Awards for its work on the launch of the YO app. This accolade may not mean much if it is not backed by any verifiable source. We didn’t find any at the time of writing.

This accolade, among others, is listed on ReBlonde’s awards page.

This is one of many prisms upon which to look at ReBlonde. Let’s consider its experience, transparency, services, and list of clients to give ReBlonde a fair rating.


The purpose of hiring a marketing agency is to see the results you are hoping for cost-effectively. This comes down to the experience of the marketing agency and by extension, the experience of the agency’s team.

It claims to have a team of more than 25 professionals that have shaped ReBlonde to become one of the best PR service providers for tech startups, enterprises, VCs, and blockchain & crypto startups.

Its leadership team consists of two Co-CEOs, Motti Peer and Alona Stein.

Back on the PR front, ReBlonde has positioned itself as a jack of all trades. Its service offering spans several industries.

ReBlonde serves several industries. |Source: ReBlonde

This leads us to the next important point. List of clients. Who are they?

ReBlonde’s client list is interesting because it has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Reblonde counts Spotify, YoYo, Neutrino, Art Medical, Viber, Upright, Bonjour, Winding Tree, etc. as its clients. It is better to show a graphical representation of ReBlonde’s clients than to list them here.

ReBlonde’s list of clients. |Source: 

You can see ReBlonde’s additional clients in the image below.

Reblonde client list 2. Source:

ReBlonde’s crypto clients do not make up the bulk of the list. This could be a problem for crypto startups as they could feel that the agency does not have enough crypto exposure. ReBlonde surely capitalizes on Peer’s experience within the PR industry. 

Referring to Peer and Noff in 2015, Forbes wrote that “They know everyone in Israel and abroad – from journalists to top corporates, entrepreneurs, and VCs.” This is key as public relations is about having the right connections.

ReBlonde has also employed former journalists, who bring their experience to the team. 

Reblonde Transparency

ReBlonde has listed its physical address on its website. You can find its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages here. The marketing agency’s social media activity is above average as it posts regularly but not too often. ReBlonde has few followers on its social media pages maybe partly because it serves several sectors.

ReBlonde has listed that it has several awards and accolades under its name. While this may be technically true, it can be misleading as the majority of them were achieved under Blonde 2.0. The marketing agency has not made a clear indication of how and if it transitioned from Blonde 2.0. On paper, they appear to be separate entities as there are no clear connections between them. However, this surfaces when ReBlonde claims the achievements of Blonde 2.0. It must be noted that Peer, the Co-CEO of ReBlonde, used to lead Blonde 2.0.

There are several case studies on ReBlonde’s website detailing how the marketing agency gave some of its clients major headstarts. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify these claims. 

ReBlonde is not very generous with the identities of its team members. This lowers the marketing agency’s transparency score. The experience of its team members may be a factor for companies that want to work with ReBlonde.

Industry Reputation/Connection

Connections and reputation mean a lot in the crypto industry. ReBlonde does not seem to have worked with a lot of crypto clients. Some of its most recognizable clients in the crypto industry are Bancor, Mercado Bitcoin, TrustToken, Terra, Celsius Network, etc.

On the bright side, Peer seems like a well-connected person. He is a member of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, a “vetted professional organization of senior executives and experts in the blockchain industry who are building the future through the power of connections, collaboration, and thought leadership.”

You can find Peer’s articles on Cointelegraph Innovation Circle here. Cointelegraph is one of the biggest media houses in the crypto industry.

You can listen to Motti Peer on podcasts and watch his videos using the links below:

ReBlonde has used its connections to get its clients published on major tech and mainstream news sites such as Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Fortune, TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Time, Business Insider, Venture Beat, and Fast Company.

ReBlonde Gets its Clients Published on Leading Media Sites. |Source: ReBlonde

ReBlonde’s Range of Services

ReBlonde is a tech public relations and communications marketing agency that has developed key relationships with individuals, reporters, media houses, and influencers.

It focuses on public relations and strategic communications.


ReBlonde is said to have been founded in 2020 but its roots go way back. It is led by Motti Peer, who is a recognizable force in the PR world. 

ReBlonde does not specialize in crypto alone. It even dabbles in the medical sector. The agency’s website is average and could have been packed with more information such as its team members. There are unverifiable claims in case studies where ReBlonde makes big claims.

Motti Peer is regarded as the King of PR and has worked with some of the biggest brands from several industries. For this reason and others, we give ReBlonde a rating of 3.8.

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