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Reddit is not just the “front page of the internet” as it boasts; it’s also home to a vast community Reddit houses a sundry of crypto subreddits. While some contain information that may interest you, others are just random forums full of opinions of Redditors that may not hold water. 

However, we’ve categorically researched and pinpointed the best crypto and crypto-related subreddits you should follow, in this article. These subreddits cover crypto-blockchain info, crypto news, crypto exchanges, and more. Keep reading to find out more.  

Cryptocurrency Subreddits to Follow in 2024

People make a common mistake in searching for cryptocurrency-related topics is to use the blanket term “crypto.” The reason is that crypto is short for different things, including “cryptography,” and a basic search of the term will leave a person confused. 

If you search for crypto on Reddit, you will find various subreddits focused on different things. Below are some of the best cryptocurrency subreddits on the Reddit platform:


The  r/CryptoCurrency platform is a home to about 3.4 million crypto enthusiasts, making it the leading community for cryptocurrency in toto, from news and discussions up to analysis.

If you are a crypto newbie, r/Cryptocurrency is a good place you can start learning about cryptocurrencies. There are over 10,000 active members, and you can get resourceful information from the opinions and lessons of experts. 


With a membership of over 580K, the r/CryptoMarkets houses a large crypto community with the best market information on cryptocurrency trading and other related topics.

In this subreddit, you may find technical analysis, basic market overviews, etc. Its large community also gives you the advantage of getting various invaluable information and exploring more about the crypto market.


Just like the r/CryptoMarkets, crypto enthusiasts and traders discuss cryptocurrency trading in the r/CryptoCurrencyTrading platform as well. 

It is quite a massive community of contributors with 105k members. The subreddit is a good place to find general crypto trading news, discussions, and conversations.


Interested users can join r/CryptoTechnology, to engage in technical cryptocurrency and blockchain technology discussions. The community has about 196k total members and is a reliable source of information for the aforementioned niche.

Like many other public forums, r/CryptoTechnology has set rules and regulations on acceptable and prohibited behaviors and threads. One of these rules is that users may not post memes or sensitive pricing/market cap info.


With over 240k membership, the r/CryptoCurrencies community describes itself as “Crypto Reddit’s Fiji water in a desert of censorship and agendas.” It means that any person looking for uncensored cryptocurrency news, technical analysis, education, crypto memes, and more may join the forum.


If you need a small community to have general discussions on cryptocurrency, consider joining r/Crypto_General. While its membership may be small at 40.8k members, compared to other crypto forums, it is proof that some of the best things come in small doses.


The r/CryptocurrencyICO platform is home to the best up-and-coming crypto projects on the market. There are over 78k members who supply information on quality tokens and innovative projects. As a safety measure, the forum prohibits scam coins and fake news.


In the r/CryptoMoonShots subreddit, users discuss low market cap cryptocurrencies with a moonshot potential. Among the rules of this group is an absolute disregard for awards, upvotes, and comments.

In the description, the community issues a warning to people that are not capable of critical thinking or holding independent thoughts. Such persons who look at things through possible heavy manipulations are encouraged to leave the community. 

If you’re interested in joining, you can check out the qualification requirements located on the forum’s sidebar.


r/CryptoMoon has over 40k members. The sole aim of this community is to share cryptocurrency gems and information. It urges members to post positive and real gems only, news and updates, and shuns spam messages. Other prohibited activities include shill posts and information without verified or proper references.

Blockchain Subreddits

If your focus is not cryptocurrency alone, you may want to explore the broad blockchain industry using any of these subreddits.


The r/Blockchain subreddit focuses on education, information, and relevant current affairs on blockchain technology. It is a great community for blockchain enthusiasts who want to discuss blockchain with other enthusiasts.

The subreddit has over 69k members that are committed to discussing and sharing information on blockchain technology. It has strict policies, and you get blocked when you go against them. Some of the prohibited behaviors are spam, posting irrelevant content, or self-promotion.


If you are looking for information on released and upcoming games based on blockchain technology, the r/BlockchainGame subreddit is the perfect place to start. The community’s main goal includes helping members find information and direct links to these blockchain-related games.


The r/BlockchainStartups subreddit is a repository of blockchain news, startups and ICOs discussions, and promo. In this group, members are encouraged to engage in healthy discussions on blockchain projects, including those that apply to DeFi and NFTs.


The plain description of the r/DeFi is a subreddit for building permissionless financial systems. In this community, members can discuss project ideas, articles, events, questions, support, and other topics related to DeFi development. 

The subreddit has over 50k members and provides the perfect balance for persons interested in smaller and comfortable DeFi-blockchain communities.

Bitcoin Subreddits

Here is a list of subreddits that are dedicated to the flagship Bitcoin. While the focus is on BTC, some of them still entertain other blockchain-related discussions.


The r/Bitcoin community has over 3 million members, making it one of the biggest Bitcoin communities on Reddit. Bitcoin traders and holders will find this community helpful because the community welcomes people of all political philosophies on Bitcoin. However, a good number of bitcoin enthusiasts in the community are libertarians. 


Beginners are welcome to ask bitcoin-related questions in the r/BitcoinBeginners subreddit. There are no limits to the number of questions to ask. However, users are warned not to respond to direct messages from strangers as a precautionary measure against catfishing.


The idea behind r/BitcoinMarkets is to share ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing bitcoin trading profits among community members. With a huge presence of 222k members, there are many passionate Redditors and information available to members.


The r/BitcoinMining forum is a mining community for new and experienced bitcoin miners. Here, users gain practical experience on what to do and avoid when starting their mining journey.


The r/btc platform is a free community for open cryptocurrency discussions. In the past, this community with 611k members censored content and banned users who disagreed with the platform. Unlike other bitcoin subreddits, users are now free to interact without fear of dismissal or moderation from the admins.


As the name suggests, r/bitcoin_uncensored is a platform that allows for uncensored bitcoin news. It has 26.5k members that pump the subreddit with relevant news in the cryptocurrency space, especially bitcoin. 

However, you need to ascertain the veracity of the information you get in this forum to avoid encountering future problems in your Bitcoin learning and trading journey.


r/BitcoinCA is an exclusive community for Bitcoin enthusiasts based in Canada. The platform has over 55k members and shows a clear path to achieving its aim of uniting Canadian bitcoin enthusiasts.


r/BitcoinUK is a subreddit community that serves bitcoin traders and holders in the United Kingdom. Its main purpose is to encourage bitcoin appraisals among UK-based communities.


Australian Reddit users interested in learning about bitcoin can join the r/BitcoinAUS platform. It has 13.0k like-minded active members.


The r/BitcoinPrivate platform is a small community of 10.3k members. It focuses on bitcoin and allows a variety of cryptocurrency-related information. Members can post useful links, news, and events in the cryptocurrency space. 

Ethereum Subreddits

Ethereum is the second most successful crypto project thus far. So, it’s not a surprise that many people are so interested in it that several subreddits were created for it. Let’s take a look at them.


With over 1 million users, the r/Ethereum subreddit boasts of being the next-generation platform for decentralized applications. No doubt, it has the numbers to back it up. 

The community has members that are passionate about discussing Ethereum and its related projects. The forum, however, prohibits discussions on ETH prices, markets, memes, and supported exchanges.


If you seek a subreddit to learn about the Ethereum ecosystem, then r/ethereumnoobies is a top pick. Members can freely ask questions on Ethereum basics, trading, upcoming projects, and news, etc.


The r/EtherMining subreddit allows for discussions on mining the cryptocurrency of Ethereum. It encourages members to ask questions and receive news about mining regarding hardware, software, profitability, and related resources.


The r/ethdev subreddit has a community of over 59k members. The forum focuses on Ethereum-related dev talks covering DApps, Wallets, clients, contracts, infrastructure, tooling, UIs, patterns, and many more.


r/ethstaker is a community for investors, traders, users, developers, and other interested persons. The subreddit would be resourceful for persons interested in the Ethereum PoS consensus algorithm. The community has over 31k members showing a vast community of stakers on Reddit.


The vision behind r/eth is to focus on everything ETH, the currency that powers the Ethereum platform. Members of this subreddit may also discuss dApps and DeFi projects that run Ethereum smart contracts.


r/ETHInsider is an Ethereum subreddit community with over 8k members. Users exclusively discuss Ethereum and Altcoins, including their relevant prices in real-time.

However, the platform does not allow conversations and behaviors such as spamming, FUD, and hype. A best practice is to play by the rules to avoid problems with the community.


The r/ethtrader platform has over 1.5 million members and stands as one of the largest Ethereum communities on  Reddit. It is a 100% community-driven subreddit. 

Members can discuss Ethereum news, memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous market-related topics, and other relevant technology on the platform.

Meme Coins Subreddits

The term “meme coins” refers to cryptocurrencies that gained popularity in a short time. What makes these coins gain quick popularity is due to influencers and retail investors promoting the coins online. 

Looking for the best meme coins subreddits on Reddit? Here are our top picks:


The r/Dogecoin community has over 2 million active members making it one of the most amazing forums on Reddit for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

With Dogecoin being one of the most popular meme coins, crypto Redditors can exclusively share, discuss, and talk about it in the subreddit.


The r/Shibainucoin subreddit is the best community to learn and discuss the Shibainu coin and its related information. Also, you can get the latest news about the coin, including its market performance and related projects.


The r/MemeCoinNews subreddit platform allows users to discuss meme coins and related ICO news about them. As a subreddit platform, r/MemeCoinNews aims to identify potential GEMS at the earliest stage possible. 

Members have to be careful not to rely totally on information taken from this forum. However, the subreddit has a slogan for its members: Always DYOR! (Do Your Own Research).

NFT Subreddits

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the new gold. It is an innovative way for creators and even buyers of these tokens to make money with little marketing effort. We have compiled some of the best NFT Subreddits below:


With over 115k members, r/NFT is a subreddit for persons interested in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFT, which represents digital assets such as video games, blockchain domains, poses a great future and thus requires a community such as r/NFT where members meet and share relevant ideas.


The r/NFTsMarketplace, as the name implies, is a subreddit where you can promote and learn more about NFTs. It has over 30k active members eager to share tips on being successful in the NFT ecosystem.

There are little or no restrictions for members to share their works, interact, collaborate, and connect with other members in the forum; however, shill posts may not be allowed.


The r/NFTExchange is a community of 12k members and a hot spot of NFT information for digital artists and collectors. Newbies can also learn about NFTs from experienced creators, collectors, or collaborators.


The r/NFTArt_Finance platform is a community of over 13k active members. Members of this subreddit can discuss the NFT-powered utility tokens. Members must, however, adhere to the forum’s rules and guidelines before posting or commenting in threads.


The r/opensea subreddit is the first and largest NFT marketplace forum with over 16k members.  Members can connect and interact resourcefully about the NFT ecosystem and marketplaces. The forum also has active moderators ready to answer some of the Opensea FAQs through AMAs.


The r/Rarible subreddit community is a platform for users to create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain. In this community, the logic is that today is the non-fungible reality of tomorrow. 

Subreddits for Top Crypto Projects

Apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, several other cryptos have consistently maintained the top spots by market cap. In this section, we’ll look at a few of them that have vibrant Reddit communities so you can stay up to with what other enthusiasts are saying about them.


The r/Cardano is an active community of over 585K subscribers. And you can find tips and resources on getting started with Cardano, including staking with its utility token, ADA, plus related projects and general trends on the Cardano network.


The r/Tether subreddit community has over 8k subscribers and provides members with relevant information about the stablecoin, Tether. The subreddit has categories that include the Hot, New, and Top tabs sections for proper understanding and navigation.


With over 273k members, the r/XRP subreddit is dedicated to everything related to the XRP, including its prices in real-time and market analytical information. However, the platform does not permit members to talk about trading XRP properly.

Members must strictly follow the platform’s rules to avoid fake news and promote respect for other members. The platform is also linked to its official Discord channel, providing a trustworthy environment for its members.


The r/Solano subreddit is a community of over 37k members dedicated to the Solana network and its crypto known as SOL. Solana investors, enthusiasts, and newbies can get invaluable information and news about the network through this subreddit.


The r/USDC subreddit has over 1k members. The platform welcomes all calibers of crypto enthusiasts irrespective of which crypto you trade or hold. However, discussions are exclusively about the USDC stablecoin.


The r/Polkadot subreddit has over 48k members. It is a community for Polkadot enthusiasts, holders, and traders to discuss, access, and share news and resources related to the Polkadot network.

Crypto Exchange Subreddits

As long as cryptocurrency exchanges are concerned, there is an endless stream of them. But which one of them have the most patronage on Reddit with busy discussions?


Reddit is now the center of the stock craze, and the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has taken to the platform through r/CoinBase

The subreddit platform serves as an avenue for investors to have equal access to information regardless of affiliation or size. It also creates an avenue for these persons to engage with the CoinBase platform.


The r/Crypto_com platform is the best place to buy, sell, and pay with crypto. It serves over 10 million customers and has the world’s fastest-growing crypto app. Over 79.7k members belong to this subreddit community, which allows them to network and trade with one another.


The r/Binance subreddit community has 604k active members. Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure service provider. 

So, the figures are not surprising, as the platform has a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Persons interested in using Binance may join this subreddit platform to learn more.


r/BinanceExchange is a platform of 46.1k members and was the old platform for Binance users and loyalists. The subreddit has remained inactive since the platform moved over to r/binance. 

Interested persons may head over to the new subreddit to keep up with financial activities on Binance.


The r/BNBTrader is a subreddit that focuses on the Binance token, BNB. The forum has over 17K members actively interacting and sharing invaluable information on the BNB token, including its market analysis and information. Also, members can discuss Binance related trading options without restriction. 


The r/BSCMoonShots platform is a subreddit dedicated to underground moonshots projects built on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a new and very promising sector of the DeFi crypto scene, and joining this Reddit will help users ride the wave and make massive profits.  


In r/BSCcryptoListings, members get information on new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects. This information includes presales, airdrops, and many other new projects. At a size of 18.9k members, it is the perfect fit for a person looking for a close-knit crypto community to join.

Fun Subreddits

Despite the whole frenzy around cryptocurrency investment and trading, people are still finding ways to catch all the fun they can while it lasts. Here are some fun crypto subreddits around:


Everyone doesn’t take Bitcoin as seriously as you imagine. The r/Buttcoin subreddit is devoted to making fun of Bitcoin lovers and investors. It has over 72.2k members laughing at anything related to Bitcoin. You can join and be part of the laughing spree!


With 5,000+ members, the r/LivingOnBitcoin subreddit literally means what it sounds like. It is a  dedicated community of hardcore Bitcoin users. We are talking about Bitcoin enthusiasts who avoid owning/using fiat money.

In other words, the members of this platform are dedicated to using Bitcoin or nothing. The community is definitely the one for you if you think you love Bitcoin or want to see how the whole Bitcoin-only thing works.   


Ever imagined trading digital cats? Well, it doesn’t sound very strange in a highly digital world. The r/Cryptokitties subreddit is basically for the famous crypto gaming sensation that lets you create and trade digital cats. The platform currently has over 11k members, and you can dive in, learn, and join in the game.

General Economy and Finance News

Apart from crypto, we understand that general economy and finance news or updates are also areas of interest to many people. So, we also put together some of the best subreddits to get that kind of information:


r/economy is one of the largest financial information subreddits on the Reddit platform, with 665k members. One unique feature of this subreddit is that, unlike other platforms, this one has no moderator. 

The platform allows users to discuss the economy, business ventures, politics, stocks, and bonds. Other areas of interest are product releases, IPOs, advice, news, investment, and videos. Many of its existing users also show passion for government, money, politics, debate, capitalism, current trends, and many more. 

If you want to stay up to date on current financial and political realities in the world, join this subreddit.


Very notable is the subreddit r/personalfinance, which has over 14 million subscribers. It is one of the biggest personal finance communities and your go-to community for anything personal finance.

It is also a highly organized financial subreddit community covering everything from saving, budgeting, credit, getting out of debt, investing, retirement planning, and taxes.

Again, you will find tons of resources and topics that interest you. The subreddit is very engaging, with a wealth of financial advice and information. It is no doubt the subreddit for you if you look to improve your financial literacy.


With over 1.4 million subscribers, r/Frugal is another big finance subreddit. There, you can get valuable financial information and money-saving tips. It’s interesting how people on this Reddit share tips on becoming more frugal, plus useful money hacks.

The topics discussed in this community could help you think outside the box as regards maximizing your dollar. As an active frugality-oriented community, you’d also find topics on food budgets, maintenance hacks, personal frugal stories, budget discussion, and tips.


Though the topics on the r/financialindependence connect to those on some other threads, there’s a slight difference in the focus. It has over 800,000 subscribers–people interested in anything financial independence, i.e., not relying on work for money. 

Think of it as a financially savvy community of people pursuing financial independence or early retirement. The bulk of the discussions center around investing and saving money, planning for financial independence, careers, retirement, etc.


Passive income has become a very popular topic, especially in 2021, so it’s impossible not to include the r/Passive_Income subreddit. With over 100,000 subscribers, it’s your community for anything passive income, multiple income streams, making money, and side hustles.

Today, some of the richest people in the world have multiple income streams. Like them, you can also spread your tentacles and make money even while you sleep. In the community, you can get invaluable advice and resources on anything about earning extra income in a legit way.


The r/stocks community is one of the largest subreddit investment communities. With over 2.8M members, it provides a sober perspective on market situations.

Members can analyze companies, ask questions about dividends, and discuss the effects of broader economic situations. If you plan to invest in a company or financial institution, you may find r/stocks v run useful.


With over 1.9 million members, the r/investing subreddit is similar to r/stocks. It discusses and analyzes the events and news related to investors from a sober perspective. 

But the distinguishing factor between r/investing and r/stocks is that the latter is broader in scope. In the r/ stocks community, users discuss the economy as a whole and hardly analyze specific companies, unlike r/investing, where there’s room for the specific analysis of companies’ financials.


There are diverse subreddits dedicated to any topic you can imagine. The crypto subreddits we’ve discussed above will help connect and engage better, learn from, and advise other users all over the world. 

Again, you can join the general economy and finance subreddits to make better investment decisions, earn passive income, maximize spending, and diversify your income streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are cryptocurrency subreddits specifically designed for beginners. These subreddits provide educational resources, beginner-friendly discussions, and guidance for individuals who are new to cryptocurrencies. They can be a valuable source of information and support for beginners starting their crypto journey.

While cryptocurrency subreddits can provide valuable insights and information, it's important to approach the content critically. Reddit is an open platform where anyone can contribute, and opinions can vary. It's recommended to verify information from multiple sources, conduct independent research, and consider different viewpoints.

Most cryptocurrency subreddits have guidelines regarding self-promotion and advertising. It's essential to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of each subreddit before posting promotional content. Some subreddits have dedicated threads or days for self-promotion, while others have stricter policies. Always respect the guidelines of the subreddit you're participating in.

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