Flexe.io Review

Flexe.io Review

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What is Flexe.io?

Flexe.io is a blockchain marketing agency that offers online visibility and growth opportunities through media partnerships with media publications and influencers.

🌐 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Flexe.io is one of the many digital marketing agencies helping blockchain companies to tap into the opportunities online for business growth. Just like several others, it has attained a level of popularity and industry reputation, but does it live up to the claims?

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

In this review we look at Flexe.io and its offering, as well as its expertise, transparency level, reputation, connections, and range of services. At the end of the review, you should be able to tell if the agency can handle your marketing and growth needs.

What we like
  • Mostly transparent
  • Wide range of services
  • Good industry connections
What we don't like
  • No office address is provided on the website
  • The agency’s CEO lacks online presence

The digital environment offers brands the finest opportunity to gain exposure, reach their target audience, and grow their businesses. Companies can leverage this exposure to attract attention, raise awareness about their products, and build their communities. 

However, this goes beyond simply developing a project and creating a website. Where a brand appears on the internet and what is said about it across various digital channels can greatly influence its growth. This is where Flexe.io comes into play.

What is Flexe.io?


Flexe.io is a crypto marketing and public relations company founded by Alexander Tikhonov in 2018. It is based in Dubai, UAE, and offers its services to global blockchain and fintech brands.

The agency specializes in marketing several blockchain products, including ICO, IEO, DeFi, NFT, metaverse, GameFi, and Web3 marketing. It also offers community management services, advertising, traffic generation, packaging, and public relations.

Flexe.io claims to have a large number of media partners and influencers, as well as an expert team that helps to bring blockchain projects seeking exposure to the spotlight. According to the agency, over 500 clients have benefitted from their expertise. 


Flexe.io started operating in 2018 and has gathered significant experience in the industry through the years. The agency boasts of a portfolio of over 500 clients with both simple and complex project requirements.

Some of the clients include Edgecoin, PlayDapp, TerraVirtua, RampDeFi, Mute, CoinPoker, Pendle, ApeSwap, Magic Craft, Numbers, NewsCrypto.io, Moss, Next Earth, Land Share, Revolve, Axl token, PiccoloInu, Hodl Finance, eMoney, Nosana, Astrox, BollyCoin, Continuum, Refinable, Pascal, Crypto Classic, 8Pay, PolkaCover, Sentre, Cook, AnRKeyX, Meme Lordz, ByteNext, Dogemoon, NemesisDAO.Finance, Infomatix, Emiswap, Stream Protocol, Shuna Inu, Centurion Invest, Minionverse, GulfCoin, TechPay, Artik, MaskEX, and more.

The agency has more than 50 employees  working together to ensure clients’ success. Many of their clients have tweeted about how excited they were to work with the agency as well as their great results. 

Their case studies show a high level of expertise, having gotten positive reactions from clients and targeted communities. Some of their recent cases include: 


A transparent marketing agency is one that is open about its services, operations, contact information, team members, connections, clients, and case studies. With that in mind, Flexe.io is mostly transparent. 

The agency utilizes simple designs on its website to make it easy for visitors to navigate and find relevant information. It is mostly open about its services, processes, team, and media partners. 

The agency also provided access to their past clients, reviews, and case studies, allowing visitors to see the scope of their past works and the results. All their social media pages, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube, are also accessible through the website.  

However, it missed providing its office address on the website, and the company’s LinkedIn page only noted its host city but nothing about the specific office address.

Furthermore, the CEO lacks online presence which, for us, means lack of thought leadership in the crypto marketing space. Alex’s LinkedIn page has no activity, and there are no publications or podcasts featuring him.

Industry Reputation/Connections

Flexe.io has built a solid reputation for itself in the industry and boasts of significant media connections. 

The agency has good reviews from past clients published on the agency’s websites. It has also been featured in publications such as Softwareworld.co, Influencer Marketing Hub, ICO Holder, and Business 2 Community as one of the top marketing and ICO agencies in 2023. 

Its media connections extend to over 60 top and mid-tier publications and websites, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC, Yahoo! Finance, NFTgators, NFT Plazas, DappRadar, Web3Wire, Web3Daily, Metaverse Insider tech, Mpost, Meta Daily Press, eGamers.io, Playtoearn.net, Back2gaming, The defiant, Defi planet, CoinCheckup, ICO Holder, Foundico Blog,  and others. It also has access to over 1900 YouTube influencers which clients can leverage to achieve optimum exposure. 

Range of Services

Flexe.io focuses on providing its clients with online visibility for growth through various services, including crypto marketing, influencer marketing, community management, public relations, traffic generation, and packaging. Here’s how they work.

Crypto marketing

Flexe.io offers marketing services for all types of blockchain projects, including NFT, ICO, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, and GameFi projects. The agency helps clients secure media placements on suitable crypto media and websites to adequately reach their target audience. 

Influencer marketing

In addition to content placement on crypto media and websites, Flexe.io allows clients to take advantage of influencer marketing. The company asserts that this is their most in-demand service, which offers some of the best returns on investment. 

The agency focuses on YouTube and provides access to over 1900 influencers, as they believe that video marketing is far more effective than short tweets or online platforms like Telegram and Discord. 

The agency carefully analyzes influencers, their average views, the location of their audience, subscribers, and other relevant metrics. They then create effective briefs to increase the chances of influencers accepting clients’ projects for YouTube review. 

The agency’s team will handle all communications with the influencers and oversee the video production. They will also follow the statistics and conversions from each review through Google Analytics and provide clients with performance reports.

Community management

Communities are important to the success of blockchain projects as members can provide all forms of support and funding. Flexe.io help clients create and grow their communities from scratch. 

The agency offers discord promotion, telegram promotion, and BitcoinTalk promotion to attract enthusiasts to join project communities. They also offer social media content creation which involves creating 1 or 2 posts daily on any six social media accounts to make the client’s brand look active. 

Flexe.io’s community management clients get the following services:

  • Creation of an FAQ for clients’ chats
  • AntiSpam bots
  • Fast and professional responses to platform users
  • Market news and event publishing
  • Engagement with community members

Public relations

Public relation is a valuable communication tool that involves managing perceptions, that is, how people think about a business or brand. Flexe.io leverages its connections to over 60 crypto media publications to provide both paid press releases and featured articles for its clients. This helps brands lead or control what is said about them. 

PR can also come in handy in crisis management.   

Traffic generation

Flexe.io boasts of driving massive traffic to its clients by launching ad campaigns on popular and most visited websites such as Bscscan Ads, and Etherscan Ads. The agency has also learned the procedure to launch crypto ad campaigns on Google Ads.

Note that Bscscan.com and etherscan.io both have over 14 million visitors monthly.   


How a brand presents itself determines whether investors will find it worthwhile. Therefore, a brand looking to attract and hold the attention of investors must work to appear professional and clear on what it aims to achieve.

Flexe.io can help brands achieve such a professional look in different ways. They can assist with producing an effective whitepaper and creating a landing page that describes the key benefits of a project. They can also create a 1-2 minute promotional video to quickly highlight the key values of a client’s project for potential investors who do not have time to read the whitepaper. 


This review has explored the Flexe.io crypto marketing agency and has rated it based on specific metrics and found it quite impressive. The agency has significant industry experience and reputation. It also partners with top-tier publications and is connected to a massive number of influencers. 

The agency is also very transparent and can serve as a one-stop shop for crypto marketing and brand promotion. If you are looking to promote a blockchain project and grow your community, Flexe.io can help. You may want to try them for crypto ads and influencer marketing to boost your website traffic or leverage their media connections to handle PR tasks and conduct media campaigns. 

It has an overall rating of 3.8/5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexe.io says that it has over 50 employees working in its agency. This includes graphic designers, videographers, sales experts, copywriters, software developers, project managers, and others.

Flexe.io is located in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The founder of Flexe.io is Alexander Tikhonov. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded other companies like Cryfluenz and SendiBox.ru.

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