Chainstory Review

Chainstory Review

Is Chainstory the right crypto marketing and PR partner for you?

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What is Chainstory?

Chainstory is a results-driven content marketing and PR/communications firm dedicated to crafting and amplifying your brand's narrative within the blockchain and Web3 space.

ūüĆź Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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In this article, we will review Chainstory, a results-driven content marketing and PR/communications firm dedicated to crafting and amplifying your brand’s narrative within the blockchain and Web3 space.

We will explore their expertise, transparency, reputation, media connections, and services offered to discover if Chainstory is the perfect partner for your blockchain venture.

Launched in 2023, this Tel Aviv-based crypto PR & communications firm has been delivering specialized support to blockchain ventures with its tight-knit crew.

What sets Chainstory apart is not just its spot in one of the world’s buzzing tech hubs but also its robust network media relationships and deep understanding of the blockchain space.

They’ve steered a host of players, from exchanges to DeFi initiatives, through both booming peaks and tough dips that have come to define the market.

Despite the presence of numerous competitors, Chainstory’s results-driven approach and seasoned experience in the web3 landscape highlight its distinctiveness. This review will delve into Chainstory’s service offerings to help determine if it is the strategic partner your blockchain venture needs.

What we like
  • Robust network of media connections
  • Results-driven approach
  • Industry veterans
What we don't like
  • Case studies provided by request only
  • Limited social media presence
  • Lack of (current) transparency

What is Chainstory?

Chainstory is a blockchain marketing and public relations agency located in the tech-forward city of Tel Aviv, Israel. While the brand is relatively new, its leadership’s experience and expertise goes way back to 2016, before the ICO boom.

The firm specializes in tailoring editorial services to meet the demands of crypto businesses in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.


With a team that includes 5 in-house professionals and 10 freelancers from around the globe, Chainstory focuses on content strategy, messaging development, and securing organic media coverage.

Their scope of work covers various aspects, including SEO optimization and comprehensive data-driven content marketing efforts.

Throughout its history, Chainstory has worked with various brands such as BIT Exchange,, Trugard, MasterKey, Resonance Security and GoMining, delivering services aimed at building and maintaining digital brand awareness and product positioning within the crypto industry. Chainstory continues to navigate through challenges while striving to support its client’s objectives amidst changing market conditions.


Chainstory’s foray into blockchain marketing and PR is marked by its experience with well-known brands in the space.

The firm’s website may not be overflowing with client feedback or detailed testimonials, however, a nod from BIT and acclaim from Unizen for being a proactive partner suggest a significant depth of experience and influence within the industry.

More transparent client reviews would enhance our understanding of Chainstory’s full capabilities in fostering lasting business relations within this niche industry. However, the endorsements on record, combined with their impressive list of media contacts, point toward substantial experience and potential sway within the domain.


Chainstory’s website is clearly designed with user-friendliness in mind, presenting a clear picture of its services to visitors. The direct approach helps prospective clients quickly understand the agency’s offerings.

While the site provides an accessible overview, access to more detailed information is somewhat limited, as certain sections are under development. Additionally, comprehensive case studies highlighting Chainstory’s successes are available exclusively upon request, offering insight into their expertise and achievements in a more personalized manner.

You can follow Chainstory’s latest updates and engage with them on Twitter (@chainstoryPR) or get a broader sense of their industry involvement through LinkedIn (Chainstory LinkedIn).

Industry Connections

Chainstory has established a comprehensive network in the realms of cryptocurrency journalism, business and finance, technology and everything in between, showcasing substantial connections within the industry.

Their array of contacts spans recognized brands like Bloomberg and Fortune, key crypto news outlets like Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, as well as major tech reporting venues such as WIRED and TechCrunch.

This widespread access to various authoritative media outlets illustrates Chainstory’s ability to manage effective publicity efforts for companies involved in cryptocurrency markets.

Range of Services

Chainstory specializes in Public Relations (PR), thought leadership, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Online Reputation Management (ORM) for blockchain ventures. Here are their main service offerings:

Public Relations

Chainstory provides a Public Relations service designed to support crypto and blockchain-related businesses in gaining brand awareness, visibility, building and maintaining their overall digital footprint online.

Their strategy focuses on communicating news and announcements to the media, earning media to boost visibility and brand credibility.

The team, well-versed in cryptocurrency journalism, know how to take an announcement and shape it into a story by creating press releases that draw the attention of editors.

Catering specifically to entities like B2B blockchain businesses, Venture Capital firms, Blockchain initiatives, DeFi protocols and exchanges, Chainstory works toward improving their clients’ search engine rankings through credible content.

Content Marketing and SEO

Chainstory adopts a strategic approach to content marketing, starting with a thorough evaluation of your business’ competition and drilling down into niche analysis.

They then conduct detailed keyword research, paving the way for content campaigns that are designed specifically to capitalize on search engine ranking opportunities.

Their skill set seems robust and focuses on niche and popular keywords that boost their client’s presence in search engine rankings.

Thought Leadership

Chainstory excels at helping clients stand out as an expert in their field. They tap into their vast connections and know-how to put the spotlight on you through blogs, media chats, and noteworthy quotes circling in the news.

This leads to what Chainstory calls ‚Äúthe snowball effect‚ÄĚ ‚Äď increased media interest and positions clients as sought-after sources for insights within their niche, with Chainstory managing the initial efforts to set this momentum in motion.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Chainstory’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) service is designed to handle online conversations, protecting brands from the often unpredictable wave of digital feedback.

In a world where free speech enables everyone to broadcast their opinions far and wide, truth can sometimes be eclipsed by ‚Äúless-than-favorable‚ÄĚ reviews, stemming from either genuine customer grievances or targeted negative commentary by competitors.

The team at Chainstory sifts through this ocean of information, strategically curating content that better reflects your brand in the vast expanse of search engine results.

Their approach not only challenges inaccuracies but also strengthens your brand’s image against any negativity circulating on the internet.


Chainstory has built a strong name for itself in the crypto marketing and PR world, boasting an impressive list of clients and deep connections within the industry. While their social media activity is a touch on the quieter side, these are small blips when weighed against their industry connections and deep know-how.

Chainstory comes away with a solid 4.5 out of 5 score from us.

This rating reflects their strong position as a top partner in crypto PR and communications, with their strategic media relationships and track record underscoring their effectiveness. Enhancements in website clarity and increased social media interaction would likely boost trust further.

Looking ahead at what’s next for Chainstory? We see nothing but promise‚ÄĒmore room to flex their muscles further in driving crypto PR strengths home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chainstory is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Chainstory operates with a dedicated team of 5 in-house employees and collaborates with 10 freelancers globally.

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