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Melrose PR is a public relations agency that was established in 2012, and has been working exclusively with tech clients since 2016. The firm is entirely crypto-focused and dedicated to helping Web3 projects and companies achieve positive PR goals.

Don’t like Melrose PR? Check these alternatives

Melrose PR alternatives


What is Chainstory?

Chainstory is a results-driven content marketing and PR/communications firm dedicated to crafting and amplifying your brand's narrative within the blockchain and Web3 space.

🌐 Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


What is NinjaPromo?

NinjaPromo is a digital marketing company specializing in brand elevation through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding, and creative design.

🌐 Location: New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vilnius

EAK Digital

What is EAK Digital?

EAK Digital is a creative communication agency that helps blockchain brands increase public awareness and manage relationships.

🌐 Location: London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Umm Al Quwain, Buenos Aires and Istanbul.

Lunar Strategy

What is Lunar Strategy?

Lunar Strategy is a marketing and PR agency focusing on Web3 and blockchain.

🌐 Location: Lisbon, Portugal


What is Crowdcreate?

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that operates in multiple industries such as Crypto & NFTs, Gaming, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

🌐 Location: California, United States

There is a silver lining for those looking for Melrose PR alternatives as we have identified top performers among crypto marketing agencies.

1. Chainstory

Chainstory Review

Is Chainstory the right crypto marketing and PR partner for you?

Chainstory is a crypto marketing agency that leverages the power of storytelling to create engaging and memorable experiences for its clients. The company offers its SEO, strategic messaging, thought leadership, online reputation management, Reddit marketing and content marketing expertise to clients around the globe.

Chainstory stands out among blockchain marketing agencies in delivering the right solutions as shown by a portfolio that includes DeFi protocols and projects. The firm is led by experts who have made their impact in the crypto space since the days preceding the ICO boom till this time.

Chainstory clients include exchanges, wallets, NFT and metaverse initiatives, blockchain security startups, complete ecosystems and investment firms, among others.

The company is ready to elevate your business with its well-resourced team and a network of professionals from industry leaders like Business Insider, Bloomberg, Fortune, Enterpreneur, and Yahoo, among others.

2. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate Review

Should You Engage With This Investor and Influencer Growth Marketing Agency?

Another firm on the list of alternatives for Melrose PR is Crowdcreate. Crowdcreate has a range of services such as PR marketing, blockchain marketing, influencer marketing, crowdfunding, video marketing, among others.

The company started operations in 2014 and is the first among leading crypto marketing agencies to organize crypto communities. The firm has succeeded in bringing crypto entrepreneurs, blockchain companies, innovators, exchanges and other stakeholders to a common space.

Brand names like Renault, The Sandbox, Sharp Platform, Apex, and Effort Economy are all part of its success stories.

3. CryptolandPR

CryptolandPR Review

Should You Engage With This Marketing Agency?

CryptolandPR is among the leading Melrose PR alternatives that are making a mark in the global landscape of crypto marketing agencies.

CryptolandPR has earned a reputation for company pivot, lead generation, business fundraising, profile raising, employee relations management and other ancillary services.

The company provides market entry, profile raising, business fundraising, venture capital portfolio and lead generation services, among others.

CryptolandPR has a diversified workforce that attends to the needs of brand names like Qtum. Trustology, Shapeshift, Polygon Studios, Bitpay, among others

4. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo Review

Should you engage with this digital marketing agency?

NinjaPromo also takes a prominent place among crypto marketing agencies that are worthy Melrose PR alternatives. The company is known for excelling in services to fintech, crypto, IT and B2B organizations.

NinjaPromo’s primary niche covers web design/development, video marketing, PR and outreach, branding, blockchain development, community management, mobile app design/development, and related services.

The firm has a robust clientele that includes Probit, IronFX, Bull Perks, Dash, Fantom, Huobi,
Unibright and others.

5. Wachsman PR

Wachsman PR Review

Should You Engage With Wachsman?

Another notable name among the alternatives for Melrose PR is Wachsman PR. As a crypto marketing agency, Wachsman PR has made itself a reputation among finance, blockchain technology as well as AI and emerging technology firms.

Wachsman PR is big on digital marketing, strategic communication, advertising, investor relations, public affairs and policy, among others.

The firm’s clientele include Decentraland, CasperLabs, Seba Bank, Cosmos, Bitrex, Chamber of Digital Commerce, Stellar, Aya Labs, and others.


Melrose PR is a leading blockchain marketing agency that is widely known in the global crypto space. To provide a guide to clients who need Melrose PR alternatives, we came up with five leading blockchain marketing agencies that are also making a difference in the public relations world. These top alternatives have recognizable expertise that we have highlighted in this review.

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