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Discord is a community-building platform. It offers you tons of features that make hosting and managing a community, not just fun, but super-easy. It supports text, voice, and video chats. If you want to create a discord community for crypto and NFT projects, this is the guide you must read.

Discord is one of the best platforms to build and grow your crypto and NFT community. Why?

Because it gives you full control with epic features that you don’t find with other platforms. For example, Discord lets you create bots that pretty much automate your server. You can use bots to do a lot of things on complete autopilot. You don’t get this type of automation with social networking sites like Facebook.

With more than 4 billion server conversation minutes a day and 19 million active servers, Discord is a must-have for building, maintaining, and growing your crypto community.

How to do it?

Creating a Discord Server in 2024

A Discord server is the first thing you need to create your community and start inviting people. A server is a space on Discord that could be either public or private. Anyone can create a server free of cost and invite members.

Step #1: Create Discord Account

Click here to create a free Discord account:

discord account creation

Fill out the form and click Continue to finish completing your free Discord account. You’ll receive a verification email. Click Verify Email to verify your email account:

discord verify email

This is how your Discord dashboard will look like:

discord dashboard

Step #2: Add a Server

A Discord server lets you create a community where you create your own rules, invite members, and manage it the way you like. Log in to your Discord account and click the + sign to add a new server:

add a server in discord

You can create a server from scratch or you can pick a template and customize it:

discord create a server

It is a good idea to start with a template. Scroll down and pick the Local Community template to create crypto and NFT community:

discord community

Select For a club or community:

discord server

Give your server a relevant name and upload a photo. It is recommended to read Community Guidelines to make sure you know the rules. Once done, click Create:

discord server customization

You have successfully created your server and you are all set to customize it and invite members. This is how your server looks like:

discord server dashboard

Step #3: Adding Bots

Your Discord server is incomplete without bots. A Discord bot is a computer program that automates your server by communicating with people and other bots. You can add bots to your server for automation and get things done smartly and uniquely.

You need to set yourself as an administrator to add bots to your server. Here is how to do it:

Click your server name in the top left corner of your Discord server dashboard and click Server Settings:

discord server settings

Click Roles > Default Permissions:

discord roles and permissions

Scroll down towards the end and toggle Administrator on under Advanced Permissions. Click Save Changes to finalize settings:

discord administrator permission

You are now all set to add bots to your server as an administrator.

Adding a bot is easy. All you have to do is visit the bot URL, grant access from your Discord account, select server, and that’s it.

As an example, consider adding the MEE6. It is a popular Discord bot that lets you manage moderation, levels, and send alerts. Click this link to add it to your server and click Add to Discord:

MEE6 bot

Click Authorize:

MEE6 bot authorization

Select the server you want to add this bot to and click Setup:

discord select server

Click Continue to give access to the bot to your account and server:

MEE6 and discord authorization

Grant permission to the bot to perform different tasks. MEE6 does a lot of things so it requires a lot of permissions. Click Authorize to grant permission:

MEE6 permissions

You have now MEE6 added to your server. Here is how your MEE6 dashboard looks like this:

MEE6 dashboard

You can add other bots in the same way by granting them permissions.

Happy automation!

Discord Server (Event) Ideas to Get More People

Creating a Discord server is the beginning of a new start. But simply creating a server isn’t enough. You need to customize and improve your server to get more people as quickly as possible. This is where events can be of great help. You can create several types of server events for the organization, management, and growth of your discord community.

1. About Channel

This is the fundamental server idea for your crypto Discord community. Create an about channel where you need to introduce your crypto business or NFT. The channel should highlight everything about your business so that new members can get an idea of what to expect.

You can add links to your website, social media accounts, and other sites in this channel to appear more credible. Here is an example of a perfectly created about channel by MonkeyBall:

about channel discord example

They have explained everything about their project. They have added links to their social media accounts too:

discord server idea example

Make your about channel creative and detailed to help new members get as many details as possible about your business and the purpose of creating a community. Importantly, explain to the new members what’s in it for them and why they should be a part of this community.

2. Quiz

You can create a quiz to keep members engaged. Quizzes are a great way to better understand your community, their needs, and what they expect from the community.

You can use quiz bots like QuizBot or Trivia Discord Bot to create fully customizable quizzes for your server:

discord quiz example

Since quizzes are a type of interactive content, they’re more likely to grab attention, retention, and educate members. If you want to interact with your members and keep them hooked, don’t forget to run quizzes on your Discord server.

3. Buy and Sell Channels

Your Discord server for crypto and NFT projects is pointless without buy and sell channels. Create “want to buy” and “want to sell” channels for your members where they can collaborate with fellow members and buy and sell crypto.

Here is an example of how MonkeyBall does it in style:

discord channel examples for crypto

Creating a marketplace like this will make your community attractive and active for members. Even if they don’t buy/sell actively, they’ll get an idea of the marketplace and it will also help you better understand your audience.

4. Host Events

One of the best Discord server ideas is to consistently host events. You can host an event in several ways such as you can create an event in your server’s voice channel where members can communicate and collaborate. Or you can host a weekly informative event related to your crypto project (like a webinar).

The options are unlimited.

Events help you keep members engaged. Discord lets you schedule events by adding complete details:

host crypto event on discord

When hosting an event, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Clearly explain the event and its benefits to the community
  • Set clear expectations about the event so that interested members can show accordingly
  • Under-promise and over-deliver.

5. Giveaways

What’s better than giveaways to keep your crypto community engaged?

If you want to grow your Discord community exponentially, make sure you run giveaway events regularly. This has two benefits:

  1. It keeps current members engaged and they’re more likely to actively participate and visit your community
  2. Announcing giveaways exclusively on your Discord community will grow quickly as your audience will join the Discord community.

Giveaways are pretty much common in the crypto market. And your audience expects giveaways from you, so don’t disappoint them. 

Here is an example of a giveaway event:

giveaway example on discord for nft and crypto

What type of giveaway event you run depends on your NFT and crypto projects, but there is always something you can giveaway for free to your target audience. 

Not sure what is the best giveaway offer for your target audience?

Run a quiz and ask your Discord community.


Discord is an amazing platform to build and grow your community for crypto and NFT projects. The server gives you lots of features to connect and engage your community. Discord bots take automation to the next level.

Creating a server and channels and adding bots won’t grow your community. You need to actively promote your server to grow it. Share its link with your audience so they join it. Consider giving an incentive to the members who join your Discord server.

Marketing your server and sharing its link with your target audience will make it work. You can then incentivize current members to bring more members. Creating, hosting, and promoting events exclusively on Discord will also help you grow your community.

Once it gets rolling, things become easier.

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