Hokku PR Review

Hokku PR Review

Should You Engage With This Marketing Agency?

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What is Hokku PR?

Hokku PR is a marketing strategy, public relations, and content development agency focusing on blockchain and Fintech.

🌐 Location: New York, United States

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This article reviews Hokku PR by looking at its background, track records, range of services, and more. Read to learn more.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

The Blockchain and Fintech industries are experiencing rapid growth, with several projects launching almost daily. This makes it crucial for projects to look for ways to connect with their target audience and get ahead of their competitors.

Agencies like Hokku PR provide marketing assistance to new and existing companies to move them from where they are to where they aim to be. Hokku PR focuses on public relations services, content development, and marketing consultancy.

With that being said, is Hokku PR what your business needs? Here’s our findings.

What we like
  • Prominent client portfolio
  • Good range of services
What we don't like
  • Low transparency level
  • No case studies
  • Lacks industry thought leadership items (e.g., podcasts appearances and interviews)
  • Their website doesn’t contain much information

What is Hokku PR? 

Hokku PR is a strategic communications agency founded by Chi Zhao in 2014 and based in New York. The agency handles public relations, crisis management, corporate communications, product launches, marketing strategy consultancy, and funding announcements.

The term “Hokku” is the first stanza of a Japanese poem known as a “Renga.” It is a collaborative poem in which different poets link alternating stanzas in succession. The hokku establishes the tone, setting, and context for the rest of the lines in the first stanza, and others follow. Thus, Hokku PR uses this name to imply its effect on the industry it operates.

The agency boasts of being creative visionaries and problem solvers capable of helping innovative startups bring ideas to life. They claim to employ PR strategies that go beyond the pitch and also engage in grassroots, guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the agency has a sister PR agency, Variable X, operating in the UK and closely connected to Hokku PR. It was founded by Chi Zhao also and focuses on the same strategic communication and marketing roles.

Moving on, the following sections will rate the Hokku PR agency based on its experience, transparency, industry reputation, connections, and range of services.


Hokku PR has been operating in the crypto and fintech industry for almost a decade, arguably one of the oldest blockchain and tech marketing agencies still existing. In its long years of operation, it has helped hundreds of clients in blockchain, AI, Commerce, Digital Health, Real Estate, and Food Tech with result-oriented communication strategies. They have also carried out some Pro Bono Jobs for some NGOs

Some of their clients include Solana, Fireblocks, BisonTrails, Aave, Kyber network, My Crypto, Huobi, Coinbase, Delta Exchange, Ample Forth, Oasis Labs, Eden, Nansen, Audius, The Graph, Phantom, SCB10X, Jump Crypto, Cannalysis, Bodylabs, Voodoo manufacturing, Correlation-One, Imperson, Gondola, Augmate, FakeSpot, Beringer Capital, Spot.IM, Honey, ProsperWorks, Papaya, Hypr, Sumo, Brand Shop, Talk Space, Capital Rx, ProofPilot, LiveKick, Smart Vision Labs, Find your Trainer, Splacer, Falkon, Bridgestreet, Badi, Squarefoot, Equinom, Edenworks, A Million masks, NOW Foundation, and others.

However, the agency did not publish case studies on its past jobs to reveal the scope of work it has done and the results. There are also no publications or podcasts from the agency or its CEO demonstrating the company’s knowledge and expertise in the industry.


Hokku PR’s level of transparency is below average. The company’s website appears very basic, with little information. It only listed some of its past clients, services, and social media pages. 

There is no mention of its phone contact details, media connections, or published case studies. Also, the company didn’t provide its office address and employee information on the site, although its LinkedIn page contains some relevant details.

This little-to-no information situation on the website makes it challenging to learn about the agency’s operation and expertise.

Furthermore, the agency’s LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have relatively fewer followership and audience interactions and few recent industry activities. However, they are more active on Twitter

Industry Reputation/Connections

Hokku PR has been operating for a long while and has earned a good reputation and made relevant industry connections. It has worked with tier-1 Blockchain projects like Aave, Solana, Coinbase, and others, which indicates a good industry reputation. 

Also, they secure media placements for their clients in reputable publications, leveraging their media connections. Although Hokku PR didn’t list its media partners, the agency reposts their clients’ content featured in top-tier publications, indicating some connection. Such publications include CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Techcrunch, The Block, Coindesk, Bloomberg, Blockworks, and others.  

It also recently worked as a media partner for Paris Block Week.

However, note that the company does not have reviews from past clients published on the website or on popular review sites like Clutch and Trustpilot. 

Range of Services

Hokku PR’s services come under three main divisions: Public relations, strategy consulting, and content development.

Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication tool that helps companies to build mutually beneficial relationships with their target audience. This is one of Hokku PR’s core services, under which the following fall: 

  • Communications strategy
  • External communications and copywriting
  • Media relations & outreach
  • Media coverage
  • Conference & event speaking circuit  
  • Media events & press conferences
  • Crisis management

Strategy Consulting

Hokku PR boasts of being experts in marketing and communication. As a result, they work with the CEO, board of directors, and senior management team of companies to provide strategic, balanced guidance on various business decisions and goals. Here are the various consulting services available:

  • Market research & analysis 
  • Industry research 
  • Company, product & brand positioning 
  • Identification of target KOLs
  • Go-to-market-strategy
  • Product UI/UX consulting

Content Development

Hokku PR offers several content-based services. The agency conducts necessary research to develop and properly place content to reach clients’ target audiences. Some of its content development services include:

  • Editorial strategy & timeline 
  • Research & due diligence 
  • Industry analysis, surveys & reports 
  • Copywriting 
  • Bylined article placements
  • Content marketing & distribution


Judging by Hokku PR’s client portfolio, one would argue that they deserve a top rating as a blockchain marketing agency; however, based on their online presence and information available online, we decided to rate them otherwise.

Nevertheless, the company’s range of services is clearly listed, showing what they can likely do for your business. They have also worked with top blockchain brands which somewhat indicates that they know what they’re doing . Thus, you may want to contact the agency for more information. 

Based on our judgment, Hokku PR has an overall score of 2.8/5 stars. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hokku PR has a team of 15+ creative and strategic communication experts. 

Hokku PR’s headquarters is located at 20 West 22nd Street, New York, US.

The CEO of Hokku PR is Chi Zhao.

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Client portfolio
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Industry Reputation
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2.8 Overall rating
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