GuerrillaBuzz Review

GuerrillaBuzz Review

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What is GuerrillaBuzz?

GuerrillaBuzz is a blockchain marketing, PR, and SEO agency that uses marketing strategies to help its clients achieve growth.

🌐 Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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In this GuerillaBuzz review we’ll look into the agency’s experience, industry reputation, level of transparency, range of offering and more.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

GuerrillaBuzz has emerged as one of the many agencies offering marketing, SEO, and PR services to startups, small businesses, and large corporations. It employs unique strategies to help businesses achieve growth and beat their competitors.

The agency has been around for a while and has gathered quite some experience and reputation. Its goal is to help its clients reach their marketing KPIs. 

However, several other agencies are offering services similar to GuerrillaBuzz, with varying levels of expertise. This makes it necessary to carefully examine available options before choosing a suitable PR and marketing agency.

This review aims to reveal how much experience, industry reputation, and connection GuerrillaBuzz has. It will also examine its level of transparency and range of services. At the end of this review, you should be able to tell if the agency is right for you and your business. 

What we like
  • Good range of promotional services
  • Publishes nice blogs on industry-related topics
What we don't like
  • Limited industry scope compared to competitors
  • Lacks transparency
  • Showcasing three case studies that don’t say much about their capabilities
  • Mediocre social media presence

What is GuerrillaBuzz?

GuerrillaBuzz is a marketing and strategic communications agency focusing on the blockchain. It specializes in blockchain marketing, crypto SEO, and Blockchain PR for Web3, IDO, IEO, NFT, and other blockchain sectors.

The agency was founded in 2017 by Asaf Fybish and Yuval Halevi. It officially began operation in 2018 and has its primary base in Tel Aviv, Israel.  

Unlike other agencies that leverage proven marketing and public relations strategies, GuerrillaBuzz claims to employ new measures custom-made for specific clients and goals. According to the agency, these out-of-the-box strategies turn their clients into industry leaders. But should you take their word for it, though? 


It’s one thing to know how to promote a business; it’s another to have successfully promoted multiple businesses in the past. Experience shows that an agency does not only have a skilled team but that team members have applied their skills in real cases.

GuerrillaBuzz started operating in 2018 and claims it has completed several projects for over 100 clients in the crypto industry, making the agency rich in experience. It also claims to have helped clients raise over $300 million in funding through ICOs and STOs. 

Some of their clients & past clients include Cryptohopper, Telos, Coingecko, Bancor,, Apeswap, CoolWallets, Caspian, BRD, PlotX, Metis, Attack Wagon, PolySwarm,, Sweet, Akropolis, and more.

The company has about 9 employees who, according to GuerrillaBuzz’s LinkedIn profile, have gained experience working in different marketing roles in the past. Their marketing and strategic communications team includes content creators, media professionals, videographers, and designers. 

GuerrillaBuzz also has a blog section where they leverage their experience to share insights on blockchain and Web3 marketing, SEO, PR, and fundraising. They have also shared opinion articles on several crypto exchanges, coins, and NFTs. 

More so, the CEO of GuerrillaBuzz is experienced in the brand growth business. Before establishing the agency, he worked as a sales rep, business development manager, growth advisor, and general manager. He has also made several presentations where he shared valuable insights on crypto and the marketing business, and has written about startups, growth marketing, and tech on Medium.


Transparency is an important factor to consider when choosing a marketing agency. This is because it is easier to work with an agency that is open about who they are and what they do than those that share very little details about themselves. 

GuerrillaBuzz is fairly transparent. The company’s website provides a handful of information about its services, how they work, and its industry focus. However, it did not provide information about its employees on the site. Although that can be accessed through the agency’s LinkedIn page, it should be on the website for transparency. 

They also listed only three case studies of previous jobs showing the scope of work done and the results. However, they are mostly thin air with a lot of buzz words in them. They lacked depth and evidence to show how the agency had any impact on the mentioned results. 

Here are three of their published cases.

  • GuerrillaBuzz helped Telos with PR campaigns.
  • The agency helped MEXC increase their brand awareness.
  • It helped achieve more organic mentions and speaking opportunities.

Moving on, GuerrillaBuzz provided all necessary contact information on their site. Clients can send emails, call, or visit their head office with the details provided.

The agency also has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where they announce activities and promote their brand. 

Industry Reputation/Connections

GuerrillaBuzz’s industry reputation and connections are just average. Although the company claims to have served over 100 clients successfully, there is little to show that they are reputable. 

GuerrillaBuzz has only a few reviews published on its website and even fewer reviews on Clutch to demonstrate clients’ feedback. They also have poor followership on social media and mediocre online presence.

However, the agency boasts some industry connections. The company recently worked with Outer Edge LA, Bitcoin Energy Summit, and Blockchain Expo as a media partner.

Range of Services

GuerrillaBuzz offers services across five different fields: Public Relations, Content Marketing, SEO, Community Growth, and Branding.  

Public Relations

Public relations involve shaping public opinion, awareness, and trust for a particular brand. This can be done through strategic communication and media partnerships. Blockchain projects that want to promote their tokens, services, and positive image to the public can leverage this GuerrillaBuzz service. The agency also claims it can help with crisis communication. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a kind of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing of videos, blogs, and social media posts with the intention of raising interest in specific products or services.

GuerrillaBuzz uses blockchain ecosystem trends to create engaging online content for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. The agency’s content management team claims to share the content properly through media partners and blockchain publishing sites.


Search Engine Optimization is a promotional tool used to rank a brand’s content above the competitors. It involves appropriate keyword use, high-quality content, appropriate linkings, image use, user experience, and other strategies. 

GuerrillaBuzz says it employs different approaches to properly optimize clients’ content for the search engine. Since SEO tactics are always changing, the agency claims to constantly research and adjust as necessary.

Community Growth

Blockchain projects need to attract users who will support and make up its community in order to succeed. To achieve this, projects must drive organic, viral conversations on platforms like Reddit, Steemit and Quora, Twitter, Telegram, and cryptocurrency-based forums.

GuerrillaBuzz’s community-driven marketing assists projects in reaching the right audience and building communities. According to the agency, they leverage strategic measures and skill sets to achieve this.


Great projects require great faces in order to be successfully promoted. GuerrillaBuzz says it assists brands in creating presentable and identifiable images across platforms and products. This is achieved through high-quality graphic services such as logo and content design templates.


GuerrillaBuzz is a small size marketing agency with about 9 employees, focusing on the blockchain industry. It offers PR, marketing, branding, SEO, and growth management services to its clients. 

The agency is fairly transparent and shows some level of experience; however, its industry reputation and connections are below average. It also has an average-level media presence and low followership on social media platforms.

GuerrillaBuzz has an overall score of 3/5. While they claim to be the best in town, the impression we got is that they’re not there, yet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GuerrillaBuzz has a narrow industry scope. It only offers marketing, branding, and SEO services to projects in the blockchain industry.

GuerrillaBuzz has a small workforce. It only has about ten employees.

GuerrillaBuzz’s headquarters is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The specific address is Derech Menachem Begin 121.

Asaf Fybish and Yuval Halevi.

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