Coinband Review

Coinband Review

A look into Coinband's marketing agency

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What is Coinband?

Coinband is a Web.3.0 marketing agency working with clients in the crypto and blockchain industries and specializing in token sales for projects and post-listing stage development.

🌐 Locations: United States, Hong Kong, Poland, the UAE, Ukraine, and the UK.

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This article reviews Coinband, a Web.3.0 marketing agency working with clients in the crypto and blockchain industries and specializing in token sales for projects and post-listing stage development.

Known for its prowess in user and investor acquisition, the agency boasts over 1,000 collaborations with key opinion leaders in the space and has worked with over 50 Web 3.0 projects to date.

We’re going to do a deep dive on Coinband’s agency to assess their experience, online presence, range of services, and of course, experience working with clients.

What we like
  • Good array of major clients and case studies
  • Wide range of industry-specific services on offer
  • Strong presence on social media including regular blog posting
What we don't like
  • Founded in 2022, the brand is relatively young compared to other service providers in their niche.

What is Coinband?

Coinband is a marketing agency that specializes in token sales for cryptocurrency projects as well as marketing and growth efforts for projects that have already listed their tokens.

Founded in 2022, Coinband is distributed throughout the United States, Hong Kong, Poland, the UAE, Ukraine, and the UK, with no specific headquarters listed on the site.

The company offers a diverse range of industry-specific services including marketing for multiple types of token listings as well as for NFT projects, GameFi projects, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinband also offers more traditional marketing services such as SEO promotion, website development, and more, which we’ll list in the services section below.

There are currently 40 team members employed at Coinband.

Industry Experience

While the agency itself was launched in 2022, the team has years of combined experience.

Founder Artur Shustov started off as a marketing specialist in 2017, going on to found both Coinband and a other marketing agency called Morris Digital. The project’s CBDO Dmitriy Mitiuk has 7 years of experience in sales roles, and PR Manager Anna Havrysh cites 4 years of experience on her LinkedIn.

The agency has worked with some big players in Web 3.0 including Bybit, OKX, ChainGPT, DAO Maker, Poolz, Uniswap, and NEAR, and there are 7 testimonials on the homepage for potential clients to consider. 

According to CEO Artur Shustov, Coinband has promoted over 50 projects in the Web 3.0 industry and has collaborated with over 1,000 key opinion leaders, attracting over 100,000 token holders per month for Coinband’s clients.

The site also states that clients can access over 500 crypto and financial media contacts through Coinband’s network.

Online Presence and Transparency

Of 40 staff members, 12 core team members are named and listed on Coinband’s homepage. 27 have LinkedIn profiles viewable from the main Coinband profile on LinkedIn.

As a distributed team, it doesn’t appear that Coinband has a fixed headquarters. The company is active on social media including LinkedIn, X/Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. Coinband also regularly posts articles on Medium as well as the main website.

Coinband has also been mentioned on major crypto news outlets like and BeInCrypto as well as HackerNoon and the European Business Review. 

You can find Coinband on here.

What They Do

Let’s take a look at the full range of services offered by Coinband.

First and foremost, the company is focused on crypto and blockchain projects, and this is reflected in the service offerings.

ICO, IEO, and IDO Marketing

Successful crowdfunding can make or break a crypto project, and Coinband has come prepared with a host of related services. The project crafts compelling narratives to help clients stand out from the competition and communicate their value proposition to  potential investors.

This is achieved through targeted campaigns, social media management, and online community building to build interest, credibility, and trust in client projects. The site lists multiple instances of clients raising over $1 million dollars in crowdfunding after working with Coinband.

Digital Advertisement (Pay-Per-Click)

Despite restrictions sometimes being imposed on crypto advertisements by Google, Meta, and Twitter, Coinband states that they use advanced approaches to meet the required advertising standards.

Coinband uses PPC advertising among its many tools to help drive traffic and engagement for clients raising funds for their projects.

Website Development

Coinband cites a number of website development options from landing pages, corporate websites, and even fully-fledged  P2P crypto exchanges. Of course, clients are not limited to these three options, as Coinband takes a customized approach to website development from the initial idea to the final product.

The website development includes initial ideation, visual design, copywriting, integrations with other sites and services, and automated processes. Coinband staff handle custom script development with API integration, intranet portal development, front and back end development, and the implementation of analytics among other services.

Public Relations

Coinband offers access to a 500+ network of crypto and finance media contacts, including 370 media outlets, a strong start to any PR campaign. The case studies on the site indicate that Coinband does indeed excel at public relations, with many success stories to browse through.

Specific services here include ideation and messaging strategy, distribution and promotion, and copywriting services. 

Coinband states that it works with BBC, Fortune, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Coindesk, Nasdaq, and several other household names in financial media.

SEO Promotion

Coinband’s SEO services are a staple of the agency’s offering. Clients can avail of an express audit to quickly assess keyword gaps and opportunities for them to take advantage of. Coinband can also create a full semantic core for a client’s business to use for their ongoing SEO strategy.

From there, the agency can optimize the technical performance of a client’s website, begin creating custom content for a client to use, as well as link building and reporting services.

Community Management

Coinband offers a service wherein it builds and manages communities in the crypto industry, a sector in which community engagement is particularly important. Services include onboarding new audience members and  engaging them with AMA speaking events and contests, as well as moderating chats to safeguard the health of the community over time.

Moderation can include real-time staff or automated chatbots which Coinband will set up for client communities.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

The Web 3,0 marketing agency has a full suite of social media and influencer marketer options available for its clients. According to its website, Coinband’s social media clients include Uniiswap, Bybit, Huobi, OKX, and many other big names in crypto.

Clients receive turnkey service, meaning they can allow the management of their social media to continue without input on their end, and Coinband’s social media network includes over 100 Web 3.0 communities and projects, some of which may be available for cross-partnerships.

Influencer marketing can be used to enhance the reach of any social media campaign. Coinband focuses on non-intrusive understated and promotions recommendations from influencers. This service can also include ambassador programs and cross-promotional activities. 


Based on our analysis, the agency seems to be legit. It covers a wide array of services that can be relevant for crypto businesses at pre/post token sale stages. Coinband can help to develop marketing strategies to promote your brand, help build your crypto community, manage your social media account, and drive more organic traffic to your website.

It has an overall rating of 4.0/5. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coinband was founded by Artur Shustov in 2022.

Coinband offers marketing services that help crypto, fintech, and DeFi projects raise money and grow their user base and online presence.

You can reach Coinband via the agency’s Telegram profile or by filling out an enquiry form, both of which are available on its website homepage.

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